Temporary fix for eLyric iPad app and IOS 7

Thanks to Helmut we have a temporary fix for the landscape problem on the iPad when you launch eLyric.

Helmut said: Open the App until you see a little part of the original screen. Start any song and touch the label, so you get the landscape screen with the artist-information. Going back to the mainscreen, it will stay in landscape mode.
(for your information, I use my iPad in landscape mode)

If you can’t connect to the server to play a song, just load any track of music onto the iPad’s memory, then using eLyric in local mode, select the song in elyric and play. Then you can select landscape by selecting the song’s picture. Once this happens you can then select the server and the PWD. - See more at: http://www.psaudio.com/vanilla/discussion/5753/ipad-ios7-breaks-elyric-app/p2#sthash.JQIJzo2c.dpuf

We are working on fixing this properly but it will take a bit of time to get it right. We will then have an update through the app store. Thanks for the patience and thanks to Helmut for this fix.


Paul, thank you for your efforts fixing eLyric. This very usefull App is worth it.


Fingers crossed. The team is on it and hopefully we’ll see something soon.

Thanks for the tip!