TFT displays and my body!

I had a new DS replaced without PSA seeing the old unit. Same thing happened to my new unit. Happened to my P20’s and everything else from PSA. then I realized it happens to me on new top of the line phones and tablets too. Finally A PSA dealer told me a very few people do not have enough capacitive charge in their body chemistry to operate these screens. I was just wondering if this is true, because I see no other explanation. thanks

I have always struggled to operate touchscreens (whether resistive - worse, or capacititive - not quite so bad), I blame my old very dry fingers, and have found that (slightly!) moistening my finger helps. Just a thought…

Try touching the chassis with the other hand at the same time as touching the screen

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You can also buy a stylus for not much money that will help a lot. My wife has the same trouble with smart phones / tablets / touch screens.

Actually the same Gentleman told me to lick my finger but I did not try that because I thought it was “nasty”. Not to my finger but to the screen other people might touch. I will try touching the side or a stylus. There is just no way everything I have is broken.

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I had an iPad mounted on a stand for a couple of months next to my main listening position but got frustrated with it and stopped using it. I found that holding or otherwise touching the device while using it made all the difference