Thank you PS Audio

It might be corny, and I haven’t written a thank you letter for a little under 1/2 a century, and I’m writing this from a position of great privilege as I think about the world and where I am, but I’d like to thank all of PS Audio, for the SACD transport now playing Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Letter to You’.
Ironically, it was that CD that I think that, just pre Covid, restarted my spending spree on updating my stereo. It was frozen in about the late 90’s and early 2000s when we bought a Densen Beat XS-400 to go with a Linn LK140, Kollektor, and Epos ES14s and the obligatory Rega Planar 3. It is a ‘we’ as that was around the time we got married and a little while later our first daughter. A little later we emigrated to Australia with twins on the way and spending on HiFi really wasn’t a possibility, but CDs, new and second hand were always being bought and I thought we had a pretty good system. Until the Densen wouldn’t play Bruce…
Cue a rapid multi step, multi media (none, to streaming, back to CD) journey, to today, when I picked up the SACD transport and played it at home. It sounds wonderful, thank you PS Audio.


Hello and welcome to the club! :smile:


A wonderful post.

And welcome!

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There must be a spending infection that went along with Covid. I was happy with my previous system and did not change anything for 10 years. I suddenly decided to upgrade my power conditioner to the P15 during their sales a couple of years ago, but then I added BHK pre, M1200, DS, and lastly PST within a brief period. Of course, retiring right before the pandemic did not help since we could not travel anywhere. Instead, the fund was put to particularly effective use for audio gear. PSA helped us go through pandemic smoothly, so I want to thank PSA too!

The lingering effect after the equipment upgrades is that I have turned into a freak in pursuing tweaks and cables that I never was in the past. :zipper_mouth_face:


It is a disease but not an illegal one. :sunglasses:


There, I fixed it for you.



Appreciate it. Early onset Alzheimer’s sometimes isn’t as much fun as it’s cracked up to be.