Thanks for the format update

Back button on my desktop automatically refresh’s the browser, but not on my mobile phone.

It does!

Thank you for letting us know.

Everything seems to be working fine now. Latest posts is no longer obscured.

An amazingly quick set of fixes!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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The powers that be have made a few changes but the left top of my iPhone is still blocked by the shortened ribbon and the “latest” and “new” are still blocked. It needs more work and I’m surprised no one picked up their phone and looked to see how it presented.

Samsung S21+ : presents no problems / issues… After the fixes were announced I switched Off / Powered and all my digital devices / PS Audio website working in harmony…!

I do not have any iThingies. It looks great on my phone just using the native browser.

Now if they only could bring back The Playlist and Playlist editor we would be back in business

“Forum” at the top of the “Hi-Fi Family” tab is a great and appreciated change.


Agreed…my most frequent click needs to be at the top!

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Something else got changed in the past day. This morning, the “Latest” category/button no longer has grayed/lighter-colored font for the topics that you’re caught up on reading. All of the topic titles are displayed in the black font, which makes it hard to tell which ones you’re caught up on. I hope this can get fixed soon. It was helpful.

It’s working for me.

I am experiencing the same issue.

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In case it helps, I am using a laptop.

Me too, but I think I misunderstood your initial observation.

Bolding works when I click on “Categories”
Bolding does not work when I click on Latest"

Here, there is no bolding, regardless of view, but up until today there was a difference in the color of the font. A bigger contrast would be nice to have, but right now there’s no contrast at all.

I see color:

and I see Bolding:

What browser are you using?

MBP running Safari 15.1, under Mac Monterey 12.01

I am on Windows. Perhaps it is a OS thing.