Thanks for the format update

Has a PST been photoshopped into the site’s landing page photograph? The disc player on top of the DAC certainly isn’t the DMP anymore. Its display, while partially concealed by text, is way smaller.

Edit: I realized it can’t be the PST, since the unit in the pic has a big knob at the right of the display, like the SGCD. But I could have sworn that box used to have a large display window like the unit beneath it. Could just be my aging memory, though.

This is what I see. It looks the same on both Edge and Firefox (Windows OS).
I hope this helps someone find the bug.

This is precisely what I see as well, also with Firefox and Edge.

I cleared the cache and cookies. No change.

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Hopefully, @Paul will be able to help fix this bug.

@Paul? @jamesh?

Just tested and I get the same result as well. I’ll get with the team and see what they can do.


Thank you, James!

This has been fixed.

Does the “Latest” category now provide light-colored-already-read links and darker to-be-read links?


It does! Thank you! That’s a tremendous help, and getting it fixed is much appreciated.


Great news!

Thank you for verifying the fix.

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I’m a slow learner. On my iPad I’ve hit the top left blue logo button so many times recently only to have it go to localhost. You’d think I’d learn. It’s not like the back browser button isn’t right there above it hahaha :grinning: