The King has spoken

Some dealer babble…PS Audio DS dac is mid-fi… but he never listened to it…hmm!!!

From Audiogon forums… mikepowellaudio “quote”…

“Today I got one of my clients to drop off a PS Audio Direct whatever DAC so I can finally talk about this thing which I dont like but never speak to that because Ive never had it in my rig. I am fully anticipating to be able to talk smack about PS Audio after my tests and Im hoping to drive my feeling home that PS Audio is Mid Fi at best. For some reason these PS users love to fight. They spout off at the mouth any chance they get using words like “best” …lol so I want fuel for battle. I simply think they have not heard anything better. Now I just stuck my neck out and If I deserve schooling and a slap for that little rant I will honor truth and give it to you guys with an apology… Sheesh…”

If he is objective and truly listens I’m interested in his opinion, good or bad.

Based on his preamble here, I don’t hold out optimism for objective evaluations. What will sound good to him are products he represents. TAS and Stereophile amongst other ratings be damned.

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“Today I got one of my clients to drop off a PS Audio Direct whatever DAC so I can finally talk about this thing which I dont like but never speak to that because Ive never had it in my rig.”

His writing reads gobbledygook ‘speak to that’ A moron.


Just as he has never heard a DS, I’ve never heard of him, but he starts out with the “trying to Start Something” approach to posting. It’s tiresome, but I don’t doubt it is effective for generating posts. All you have to do is act like a dick, and you get 2x replies, minimum ; )


He’s got some Chinese made DAC he imports to the U.S. Denafrips or something like that. Has claimed that it’s the best under $10K DAC that has ever been made. He is not exactly an unbiased opinion.

Yeah…I thought his biased opinion on something he never listened to was a bit over the top. I too am curious as to the outcome of his little shootout. I will go out on a limb here and guess the DS will fail miserably…:roll_eyes:

Goes without saying. That’s if he actually has in his possession a DS … I would need to see pictures. Probably just another keyboard warrior/hater…

Going by the construction of the preamble - I think he should go back and finish high school first, before putting his thoughts to print.

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The thing I don’t get - though I will admit that I am biased - is…why pick on the DS DACs, vs. DACs that cost 10x or 20x? That would seem to me to be another “tell”, where they’re tipping their hand upfront. Unless of course the Chinese DAC is less costly than the DS’s and is made by his uncle.

The King, huh? Well if he’s the King, I suggest we all get torches, like they did in Young Frankenstein and storm the castle. Whadaya think?
Actually, I agree with Dirk.

My two cents for Mike Powell Audio (in the below paragraph) on the Agon site. It’s just a blow hard opinion until he backs it up with something. If he has some meaningful info to share, I’m open to hearing good and bad, but MPA justs spewed his crap out there without the benefit of backing it up. He’s just another online poster until he proves his credentials. And for me, I can’t say something is good or bad until I’ve used it (except maybe poison or something like that.)

@mikepowellaudio - I find your comments about PS Audio curious, since you’ve never “had it (the Direct Stream whatever) in your rig.” You’re but another guy with an big opinion on the inter-webs…BUT I’d be interested in why you’ve come to the conclusion AND what your credentials are to make such statements. Do you have an engineering degree? What makes your opinion any better than mine. You like to type, so prey tell, give us an answer based on facts, and not opinions. There a whole bunch of people who might disagree with you.



Elk, my god you chew a lot before you swallow… ‘just like the bishop said to the actress’

Sir Elkington, I laugh out loud every time I see that.

Me, too. It resonates.

Mike Powell is the owner of Verastarr Cable. Mike Powell Audio is basically a retail repair and upgrade facility. He is selling some products on his website as the US rep and service provider for Alvin at Vinshine Auidio.

Here’s a snippet from Powell’s website… it’s good to be the king :crown: :rofl:

“Heres the deal. Most of you have crappy sounding rigs compared to the ones I build. Remember this is only how someone with my experience would hear it. You THINK youve got great sound but youve not heard World Class, so you have no reference. Its OK, if you are happy here, stay put. I was there just like you at one point. Over time, piece by piece I got to where I am now. I did not say Expensive… I said World Class. Heres one way Ill let you taste some truth. Youve got great sound you say ? email me your last room response graph. See ? it was that easy. Truth is youve got no friggin idea whats going on in your room. Again, this is how most people are unless youre a hifi freak like me.”

Rule number one: Don’t bash other brands. If your stuff is that good, you don’t need to bash anyone. The equipment will speak for itself.


Not defending him in fact he has a personality about in line with Mike Davis of Mivera Audio. Just identifying him as no one had apparently made the connection between the two companies. The cables though are reputed to be very good.

Thanks. I find it bush league to bash other companies, especially when you haven’t used their products. That to me is a big turnoff. The guy from Mivera Audio is tough to top. He was frequenting the Roon forum boards for awhile and disappeared. Not sure if it was a voluntary departure or a forced one.