The long wait is over: The new Bridge II Code is live! (currently on hold pending a bug fix) v3.6.2

Gave up after three hours, rebooted, started update again and it seems to have gone better.

No cover art in Roon, however.

Mine took less than 5 minutes. Network data delivery?

If so, it was server side. All here was full gigabit, no other services affected.

I have a Junior, so no cover art for me on the DSJ.

Brilliant! Thanks for this Paul. BubbleUPnP now picks up Bridge II immediately (as Spotify always has done) - previously there was a delay of up to 30 sec before the Bridge II appeared as an output device.

The Bridge II in my DirectStream Snr is currently running 3.5.1. Connection to the Internet is confirmed and Roon (latest version) works perfectly, so no network issues. However, the Bridge II is not seeing the 3.6.2 update - i.e. when I check for a firmware update, it confirms 3.5.1 as the current version, and that the Bridge II is up to date. I’ve power cycled/rebooted the DS, removed the SD card (as was suggested in one of the threads on the forum) and also rebooted my router, all to no avail. Any ideas on how to persuade the DS to look for and/or recognise the new code to download?

Didn’t somebody report earlier how to do a force B2 update via MConnect?

Wow - so many issues with Tidal and this release. I will wait a few weeks until upgrading my DSJR as these hassles are bothersome to fix and endure.

Yeah, twice. :slight_smile:

Have faith guys any issue will be sorted as they always are.
Were lucky to have these updates so sit tight!

What UPnP/DLNA control point apps are you using?

@bootzilla ; problems solved ??

I power-cycled my wireless bridge that brings Ethernet to the Melco and B2. Early indications are positive.

EDIT: Still having artwork issues and now the timing slider on the DS display is stuck at 0:00 even as the music plays. Time to revert to v3.5.1.

Directstream DAC cover art working fine via Roon and listening to Tidal.

Rolled all the way back to 2.9.14. Everything works fine! No MQA of-course but that’s not my thing.


I don’t understand why you wold not wait to installit until Monday, given that a problem might arise? That way, people who want to give it a shot right away can, and those who are more risk-averse (myself included), can opt to wait until Monday to install it.

For what it’s worth, I upgradded both my Directstream and Jr and both went flawlessly, and am enoying them using Roon 1.5 running Rock on a nuc.

One last complaint (maybe) about album art. There was a version, way back (don’t remember the version), that didn’t change the album art if the next song was from the same album. I always thought that made sense. No PS Audio logo for 20 seconds if you listen to a complete album.

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I always listen to a complete album (what’s a playlist?), but I suspect there are only a few of us.

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I rolled back to B2 firmware v3.5.1. Artwork and slider timers on the DS display and control point apps are working properly again (with the PS Audio logo interruption between tracks from the same album). I guess I can live with the “Update” prompt on the DS display:


Note that 3.5.1 drops the album art when the data rate changes between songs. For example going from 16/44 to 24/96. It takes two consecutive songs with the same data rate to get album art back. None of this is the end of the world but I wonder who at PS Audio is testing new software and declaring it fit for release. Yes, I lied above…

@amsco15 I just switched from a 16/44.1 FLAC file to a 24/96 FLAC file using Bubble UPnP (v3.0p6 beta). The new artwork displayed in @ 10 seconds.