The new Gold Dac

I had the Jr now have the SGD it has been a long time but i feel it is better in a clearer more accurate presentation.
When i was updating the software version i did see the DAC has a FPGA version so not sure if that means it uses that software also.

I find the SGD to be more musically engaging and energetic than the DS. Different ears prefer different sounds, and my ears find the DS sound to be a little smoothed out and a little “boring”.

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Stereophile was very impressed with the Ferrum WANDLA DAC with HYPSOS external power supply.

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Same here, I had both here to compare, I returned the DS MKII, not everyone prefers the same sound. Using the SGD with the PST is awesome with SACD

So great that PS Audio lets us trial these units!

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Thanks guys for your experiences. When I read words like accurate and clearer for the SGD with words like smooth and ‘little boring’ for the DS, would it be fair to say the SGD is has a little boost on the upper frequencies when compared to the DS line?

Another question for you SGD owners, if you don’t mind. Junior has the built in bridge for streaming. Are you all using the Air Lens to connect to your music sources or are you using another source?

The frequency response for each is flat.

@Elk frequency response is never totally flat and nearly impossible to be identical between two different sources. Saying component A has a slight rise in higher frequencies than component B is not a knock on either. When people say component A is more articulate it can (not always but) equate with A having just a little more emphasis at the higher frequencies (or B having a little less). That comment with others like smooth and boring when compared, can come from the same observation. B is either slightly rolled off or A is slightly boosted in the upper frequencies.

The frequency response between the two will never be identical, but both might still be labeled flat. It doesn’t mean one is better than the other, just different.

@RayK I trialed the AirLens but found it to be a bit thinner sounding than playing discs through my PWT with an i2s, which is what I primarily do. Definitely more convenient to stream, but not worth the tradeoff in sound quality.

Yes, given sufficient resolution, all pieces of equipment measures slightly differently.

But for all practical purposes, the units under discussion measure the same with respect to frequency response.

This does not mean they cannot be differentiated by listening to them, but it’s not going to be as a result of frequency response.


I am using a PST, the AirLens will be here next week hopefully. I don’t feel the SGD has a boost in the upper MR just not as warm sounding IMHO, it is a difference that is noticeable. Please note I am coming from a Modwright modified Pioneer LX500 which is very similar to the DS MKII with the PST, I just want to get away form the eventual tube hiss as tubes get older. I like to leave my equipment on so tubes do wear out quicker that way. I also use a Orchard Audio GanFet amp which is very smooth.

Thanks @jtsamarinda for your findings. I’m interested to hear what you find by adding the AirLens to your chain.