Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH


It looks like poop. The stuff that Roon spends time on is baffling to me.

There is a roon daemon on my mini and a full version of roon. Both can act as an endpoint. I use full roon so I can use its HDMI to power my HT processor as an input and run a big screen curiously the HT processor shows up as another audio zone in roon but MKII just use USB to my DS MKII.

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Today we verified that there is an entire Mac Mini inside my BACCH-SP adio. The entire unit, case and everything. And yes, the one inside mine is Intel chipped. That is of zero importance to me but now I know for certain. Part of the process of upgrading my unit is the put the current generation of the Mini inside. M2 for certain. But much more will be done. I asked Edgar via text if I could do the upgrade myself. He immediately called me and explained in detail why this wouldn’t be possible. I accept. I really like chatting with Edgar. I am a huge fan!

By the way, I believe the Mac Mini inside my Black adio is silver in color. Whew!


If it wasn’t silver, I’d be sad.


Wild. It would have to be Space Gray all the way for me! But at least the silver does not show from outside!

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I am a fan of Edgar’s also!


Facetime with Edgar during intro setup!

The BACCH -dSP 13.5 will make you a happier man for certain. I am surprised Edgar revealed his secret. But I will say mounting case and all solves part replacement’s for only a short time given Apple’s continued advancement philosophy.


Replaced the Legos with a second absorber. Huge positive difference. The soundstage came way forward. Since I had two extra mobile absorbers, I played around a lot with putting them here and there, different locations left and right, in the corners, back of the room (where the Legos and my discs are now) etc. Simple mirror left-right covering up more of the wall, whether for nearest or furthest speaker first reflection on each side, seems to make the biggest difference. Sound bounces around in waves, not in laser beam lines.


I am glad it worked out. Ditcjh diffusion ad absorbers on sidewalls works best for BACCH!

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Looks like too many toys…father and son.

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