Tidal Destop Aopplication Does Not Recognise Direct Stream Windows 10

Downloaded latest drivers I forget how many times. Works great through HQ Player - but the Tidal desktop application does not recognize it.

Its so maddening - nearly at the point of getting a Mac and Audirvana,


I have no problems and run with Win 10 and DS.
Which pc equipment do you drive with?

Just a normal widows machine. It works fine with HQ player, but it doesn’t even show up as a device in windows drivers so Tidal obviously will have problems.

I have another Windows machine and can see what happens when I use that.


Tried the other mchine - the error you get when you look at the driver is the same:
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) There are no compatible drivers for this device. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

On both machines it is not registered as a working driver - but HQ Player works so the drivers are there.

Obviously something wrong with the driver.

All I can think of is I haven’t for various reasons installed Redcloud - but really that shouldn’t make any difference - besides it works with HQPlayer.


When you say you have the latest drivers do you also mean the USB driver from the PS Audio site? (I am assuming you are using a USB connection).

Of course.

Further experimentation has shown the following on both Windows machines. I just want to express annoyance at all this - discovering this took quite a while I would rather be relaxing.

OK here is what the go is. If you use the latest PS Audio drivers from the PS Audio site it works fine in HQPlayer - no problems - the drivers are ASIO which of course is the more direct driver type and preferred. But you cant use Tidal - it simply does not recognize a driver is present.

Ok - I now delete the driver and restart the computer - on startup it detects no driver and downloads a driver. Tidal then works. You think great - but you go to HQ Player and it is not the ASIO driver - its the WASPI driver and take my word for it it doesn’t sound as good.

I have been bit busy and haven’t used it for a while. When I fired my machine up it updated Windows 10 with all the updates since I last fired up and a new version of Tidal. I think that’s the reason.

Looks like Mac here I come - bummer - not for a while though - am not made of money.


For some reason when W10 does updates it often changes settings. I have had the go through it, more than once. I use Wasabi with JRiver, and as far as I know, it bypasses all Windows player stuff.
Also have you checked all settings on Tidal?
When you choose your player, another setting icon shows up to the right. In there you set Exclusive, forced volume and MQA settings. Tidal’s sometimes changes defaults too. I know one time it changed my resolution from Masters to the second from the top.
Might be worth taking a look, if you haven’t already done so.