Too many choices/price points: Power cords/interconnects/speaker cables

Disclaimer: I already posted a variant of this topic in AudioGon’s forum as well, but with a different title than this one, and with some edits made to this version. I’d also like to apologize in advance if the essence of this topic has already been covered in one (or more) existing forum(s.) Yesterday, FedEx delivered the 11 year old PS Audio PWT I bought from TMR (PS Audio informs me they have not seen this unit since it left the factory in May 2010.) I am in the process of acquiring a NAD M33 (in 6 weeks or so) and a pair of Magneplanar 1.7is (in 11 weeks or so.) I haven’t settled on the interconnect between the PWT and the M33 (although I’m pondering the AudioQuest coax Coffee), nor have I settled on any speaker cables (although I’m pondering the Analysis Plus Black Mesh Oval 9 w banana plugs at both ends.) So here is my question: I am wondering if the power cord supplied with the PWT is adequate, or whether I should consider something more robust. I am open to spending (a reasonable sum; not an outrageous amount) for an upgraded power cord for the PWT IF it will make an audible difference. If this turns out to be the case, then I should likewise expect to upgrade from the power cord supplied with the M33. I am also wondering of anyone has had either a positive or a negative reaction in using a Shunyata SR-Z1 in place of their standard wall outlet. All suggestions are welcome!

Welcome @tmaxon1956
Congratulations on your new acquisitions. I will only comment on the Coffee digital coax. It’s an excellent cable, and I consider it the best value for money in AQ quality digital cables. The sound quality gap between it and the Diamond is negligible. Also, I have to mention that the USB Coffee, if you ever consider one, is not of the same caliber as the coax.
I will leave the rest to others who have better experience with power & IC cables.

Have fun.

Hi @Serhan Thank you for your response. I will be honest: I’ve not seen anything but glowing reviews for this cable. I just have to figure out if I truly have the budget for it. What a problem to have, huh?

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Learn Inakustik cables and Iconoclast cables someone said somewhere.

Little guy, big belly.

When you decide on your power cable (any other cables too), run a “wanted” post on PS Audio Marketplace. I have bought 2 items at good prices, others have chosen this path.