Totem Forest

Anyone have any experience with Totem Forest? Any thoughts you want to share?

I’ve heard the Totem Forest’s and owned the Totem Mani 2’s. I like everyTotem speaker I’ve heard and I like the company. It’s been awhile since I heard the Forest speaker but I remember being impressed with the sound. They imagined very well and had an open neutral sound. It helps if you have them on good quality stands. Not sure what they sell for now, or how competitive they might be against other speakers selling for the same price.

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hello guys,

The dolphin that blew smoke bubbles was pretty top notch. The Smokey the bear “Only you can prevent Fyre Festivals”. This multiple totem caterpillar thing was pretty cool. A Grindr flag that said “0 feet away” made me laugh. I didn’t get pictures/vids of any, unfortunately.

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I have a decent amount of experience with the speaker. Imaged well and sounded larger than they look at expense of ultra tight low and sub bass.

Hawks seem more interesting to me.

Thank you…can u explain the differeces of the hawks?

My experience with the Hawk is much more limited - mainly a few audio shows and showrooms.

When I’ve heard them they seem to be faster in the low end and overall more coherent. The woofer is either Scanspeak Revelator or an excellent copy. These drivers are usually used in much more expensive loudspeakers.

Your choice may also come down to room size as well. The Hawks will perform better in a smaller room where the Forest might start to get boomy and slow.

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