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Can I suggest this image thread of everything from the cheap and useful to the absurd and expensive? Minimal narrative.

Here’s a starter, in the middle, my Oyaide brush, works a treat. Also removes dust from film negatives before scanning.

One more for momentum.
Stealth cable protection. Commercial trunking and self-adhesive wrap. About $10.
The trunking also has a self-adhesive strip that I use to hang cables on the rear wall.


Are those tellurium q speaker wires?

Room tweaks:

Nuke walls to make a bigg enough space, replace windows with triple pane 46dB sound isolation windows, replace load bearing wall with glulam beams, add fake beams to make listening area symmetrical, add 8 20A dedicated circuits:

Layout surround speakers and build in underfloor tubes for speaker wires, etc. Also a tube to the sweat spot for transport, etc.:

Level floor:

Slope walls in about 1/2 inch at top to kill slapback. The front wall needed 1 1/2 inches:

Put in carpet with a path wandering to the hall from the back door:

Beams in roof are not ideal:

Change them into bass traps by putting rock wool held up by nylon straps behind furnace filters and then add acoustically transparent covers:

Oops, that’s not quite right:


It works well, stepping into the coved space definitely is much deader:

It wasn’t all about the audio system:


Close to done:


They are Townshend Isolda. They are exceptional but very fragile.

Colin Wonfor, who did the TQ cables, is a most brilliant engineer. My son has his famous Claymore amp from the 1980s, which Colin serviced a few years ago. I had one of his phono amps.
Colin now has his own brand with stuff he considers better and cheaper.

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Very impressive, adds new meaning the word tweak. Looks like at least half a dozen amplifiers driving that lot.

I tried to meet the above quote :slight_smile:

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No issues there, but if that’s a tweak, I’d really like to see the outcome if you set your mind to something.
Oxford Dictionary definition: “Improve (a mechanism or system) by making fine adjustments to it.”
Very nice to have a basement with natural light.

very cool!

“Cheap and useful.” I have these under my floorstanding speakers in the basement. They work. And they are cheap. EVA Anti-Vibration Pads from Diversitech. Made for washers and dryers.

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Many options here. Sorbothane is easily cut to size with a craft knife.

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That’s friggin’ awesome. Most houses have a 200 amp electric service (or less) and you have 160 amps for the stereo. Gotta love it. Two thumbs up.

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Yes, good point. But the extra tweak for me is that I am using just 2 of these per speaker in order to angle the speakers down a bit. Basement space is not spacious. But too much narrative. . . . Time for another elephant.


My strategic diffusers in different sizes, shapes and materials.

Art and plants in the service of music. Nice.
I do the same but I am trying to get a nasty lower mid/ upper bass hump out of my room that these
absorbers and diffusers don’t address. I have tried
Ted’s type of dense insulation traps noted in his
new basement re-construction but too much deadening occurs and not enough bass overhang is muted. Any thoughts anyone?

With absorption panels (I like 4" of shredded blue jeans in a, say, 2’ x 4’ frame) you can tune the bass absorption by how close to the wall you put them. Another way I treated bass overhang was putting three ASC super tube traps behind the listening position but still a long way from the rear wall.

Thanks for the tips. I think I am going to try to make a bass trap with 12” floor to ceiling sonotubes lightly covered with insulation and drill
holes so the bass can be trapped internally in loosely packed rock wool. This might be cheap
ASC version or a waste of time. I’ll let you know.

I couldn’t get them to work on mine - wobbles a lot! Had to use old spikes. So I only use them under other components.

This is my bedroom setup, using an older Cambridge Audio multi channel in stereo mode, feeding Tidal from the Lumin D2.

Edit: forgot to mention the air purifier atop the speaker, not really acoustic related though.

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With a floor to ceiling rack of amplifiers I think you have to tweak the power supply.