POLL: What is Your Covid-19 Vaccination Status?

POLL: Which of the Following Statements Best Describes Your Covid-19 Vaccination Status?

  • Received Johnson & Johnson/Janssen
  • Received Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Received Moderna
  • Received AstraZeneca
  • Received Novavax
  • Received Sputnik
  • Received Sinovac
  • Received Sanofi
  • Received OTHER
  • Not Yet Eligible for Vaccine Where I Live
  • Eligible, But No Shot Yet
  • Proud Anti-Vaxxer
  • None of Your Business
  • None of the Above/OTHER

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Received my second Pfizer just the other day. I thought I was out of the woods without symptoms 12 hours after the shot when I went to bed, however, woke up the next morning with fever/headache/body soreness. It was really strange feeling sick but without congestion or cough.

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I am fully vaccinated with the Pfiser vaccine. I had no reaction to the first dose and a very mild reaction to the second. I had a little headache and was tired for about 8 hours the day after. Nothing to fear and now I feel liberated.


Pfizer, sore arm first shot. Nothing else. No reaction to 2nd shot until 5 days later with mild fever, 99.4, that lasted ~6 hours.

Had my 2nd shot in thigh just because. It was easier to tolerate in the bigger muscle.

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only had first dose though, our gvmt has delayed second dose to 12 weeks. it makes their stats look good and puts many of us with reduced at immunity at greater risk.
i could rant but that would be rude :slight_smile:

edit - pfizer, very slightly sore arm and extra tired for a week.


Just had my second Pfizer shot. First one no symptoms except for a sore arm. Second shot sore arm and I thought it would be a breeze. 12 hours got freezings chills and at 24 hours chills, sweats and nausea. All were gone the next day.

I’m done with both shots of Moderna. Not much in the way of after effects, but the day after my second I felt like I was intensely jet lagged (without the joy of having been somewhere exotic!). But a great cup of coffee in the morning, a dark Belgian beer for lunch and bottle of Côtes du Rhône red with dinner saw me through the day.


Moving target in Chicago for the vast group of 16 and older. My group. Keeps moving to the right (May 1st as of today). My biggest complaint, access to basic information which here means you might have to navigate half a dozen websites to find it. One would think the city would be leveraging local media, we’re immersed in it here, for dissemination of information. That’d be too easy. Heavy sigh.

All the vaccines are still in the experimental stage and have not been approved by the FDA…
Not interested in taking an experimental vaccine with known side effects for something that has a 99.9% survival rate.

The wife and I received the first Moderna shot a couple of weeks ago. Our only reaction was arm soreness that evening and it wore off within a day or so. We get the second shot later this week.

That’s not correct. The vaccines have been authorized for emergency use. There is a difference.

mRNA vaccines have been in development for 30 years. They have changed the vaccine landscape. Moderna never had the virus in house. Once others had sequenced it there is no need. It’s a software problem at that point.

Yes, I work in the industry. My company spearheaded development of antisense for the past 30 years. We’ve spun off mRNA companies during this time.

I sincerely hope you’ll educate yourself as to the safety and efficacy of the mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna specifically) before opting against it.

Be well


Meaning they’re still in an experimental stage.

I just finished reading the new Walter Isaacson book, The Codebreaker. I felt a lot better about my decision to take the vaccine.

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Excellent and informative reply. Sadly, it likely won’t be long before Elk has to lock the thread down I venture. :frowning:



Only if it devolves into politics and away from science.

CRISPR is exciting technology for sure.


Please limit your responses to whether you received the vaccine or not, descriptions of side-effects if any are OK.

Otherwise, please stop deliberately pushing other’s buttons.

Had Pfizer first dose, had a sore arm and found my wife annoying the next day. :slight_smile: Five days til my second dose.


2nd Moderna on Thursday, felt a little “hungover” Friday. Tylenol and a couple bottles of Pedialyte solved any side affects by mid-day