Wadax Atlantis Reference Music Server


Not my style, but anxious to learn the consensus w/r/t performance.

At first glance, all I see is a:

Funny, how our brains are stimulated visually and seek to make connections with previous experiences…


There is a statement at the end of the RH review that struck me:

“It was surprising—and sensational—to discover that these treasured recordings held greater musical expression than I had realized.”

This is an excellent way to describe the most significant improvements in my system over the years…when an old “chestnut” becomes more musically “expressive” (more musical), I know that I have made a change for the better.




I think even Al may cringe at the system price, though the accomplishments sound revolutionary.

If only I could buy a lucky Lotto ticket…


It seems out of character to offer a product that should last for the rest of one’s life with a warranty of short duration! If the company goes out of business, warranties would be useless. Also the company operates under consumer laws of Spain ( or the E.U.) which may be different from the U.S. consumer laws! I know when I bought a music streamer from Holland!

Where did you pick up on the (insufficient?) warranty period?


The company warranty at wadax.eu for its reference products!

I looked at the site and could not find the info. What is the standard warranty length?

From the Reference Music Server user’s manual:


The company website will give you a pdf for the Wadax Reference Music Server manual. If I had a 3 year warranty for a life-long music server, I would worry about that product. I would not buy the product even if the Absolute Sound trumpeted this item. P S Audio offers a 30 day return for its products. I do not see any such offer from Wadax!

Wadax are evidently making some fantastic sounding gear. I suppose until you hear it you won’t know if the 3 year warranty will be worth the gamble. As always, it’s about perceived value. Someone buying at that price will have the same expectation of value as me buying a $5k product, and we usually see similar length warranties at this price.
Kia are offering 10 year warranties. What do Mercedes and Ferrari offer?

It looks like a 1950s boombox to me.

By the way, I have not sent in a warranty card for anything I have purchased since 1995. Warranty, hahahathud.

It benefits me more to keep my contact information private than it ever has to get a device serviced.

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