Warning from DCS about using mains regenerator

Hi, I am new here. I am currently setting up my first system. I have a P10 that I bought used from a friend and am using it to power my amps, subs, and Aurender. I just purchased a Rossini DAC and in its manual I found this statement:

We do not recommend the use of mains regenerators. However, if you do wish to use a mains regenerator with variable voltage and frequency, we recommend that you set the voltage to match your local voltage and the frequency to either 50Hz or 60Hz ONLY.
Damage caused to your Rossini DAC by misuse of a mains regenerator or by a malfunctioning mains regenerator is not covered by the warranty.

This has me a bit concerned…
Has anybody had a serious “malfunction” with a PS audio regenerator?


Seems like all they are saying is that if you are going to use it set it at the published voltage for your area and leave it alone and not tinker.

Thanks. I agree. Was just surprised to see that warning. Also, just got this response from DCS…


The P10 does look like a mains regenerator, yes. The reason for including the warning on mains regenerators in the manual is that there is the potential, if the regenerator is incorrectly set up or if it develops a fault itself, for damage to be caused to the dCS equipment downstream. This is not the case with passive mains components like mains power cables or passive mains filters.

As the manufacturer, irrespective of any sound quality gains to be had from these regenerators, we need to advise people on the safest course of action; as the potential exists for a mains power based fault, we cannot recommend using active mains regenerators. I hope you can appreciate our position on this.

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This statement does not make sense and clearly indicates that the manufacturer knows nothing about the PS Audio Power Plants. While you can adjust the voltage, there is no way to alter the frequency. In other words, you cannot change from 50Hz to 60Hz or vice versa. And setting the voltage to match your local voltage also makes no sense as it fluctuates significantly. I see it on my P20 display! My local voltage randomly shifts from 116 volts to 119 volts. Local voltage is never consistent, at least that’s the case in my neighborhood in the U.S. If anything, the regenerator should create a more ideal environment for the DAC than otherwise since it will stay very near the setting you program.

It does seem to be a generic statement without any familiarity with the Power Plant regenerators.

Thanks for the replies. DAC plugged into p10 and sounds amazing.



My read is they are simply being cautious and making certain users are aware if a third-party component harms their product they will not cover it - perfectly understandable.


I wish I had your words… :pensive:

Especially if the component locale (voltage and frequency) is different from the locale of the regenerator.

Couldn’t agree with you more.

I think we’re in agreement that the statement in the DAC’s manual is fairly general, and one that you’d find in the “What the warranty covers” section. I doubt I’m in the minority by ignoring most of the statements in this section.

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