Was Upcoming DS release - Now Windom has been released

@tedsmith - Ted getting all PC on us… anyway, great answer… both of them…

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I just don’t want people to feel picked on. I meant everything I said in both posts.

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@tedsmith - yeah, I didn’t take it that way and I assume others did not. You’re just pointing out factually your approach is different and your loyal customers want better technical, not adding filters. They have their place and all good, just want to stay pure… when is the next mountaintop? OCT?

We’re jonesing for a fix Ted… Snowmass was BAM! @Paul was talking up the next mountain. We need to name that mountain… have you thought about the name yet?

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Thanks for the chuckle, Ted. People are starting to get scary around here.


You know, I often ask myself that very same question…I’m losing sleep with that thought swirling around in my head all the time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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So I got my new SD card yesterday. :slight_smile:

And what was on it?

Mt.Sneffels ? :thinking::grin:

How about this…

Snaefell Mountain - Isle of Man
For those who also love motorcycles and racing.

Wrong country and state, I know, but still…

You can vote for your favorite mountaintop name here . . .

You know when I posted this I didn’t think about people thinking I received one from PSA. No it is blank awaiting download.

You are a tease.

Maybe the files are just hidden until the release date :wink:

I’m curious why you bought a SD card from PS Audio? Did you not receive a 2GB with your DS?

I’ve used the same card for all releases, I just create a folder for each release and copy the one I want to run to the root of the card and reboot.


No. I got it at Best Buy. I have just made it a habit to get a new one on each release. I’m a computer guy too. Haha. You think I would just use logic and not give into gremlins.

September is a few days away.

Any progress as to when the new update will be?

Hi @tedsmith

Regarding the quoted.

Since your D to A is discrete design why can’t you design this crossover to be at this optimal 1 bit sample rate that you mentioned (between DSD128 and DSD256 rates)?

Is it because those people paying for DSD256 music would be upset their music is being downsampled to something between DSD128 and DSD256 rates?

A bit like the thing you mentioned about supporting DSD512 input.

By crossover I meant the place where the curve showing the increasing S/N from having more resolution from more samples as the sample rate rises intersects the curve showing the decreasing S/N from jitter as the sample rate rises. These curves are based on idealized devices and almost certainly are worse for any real device. The point is that even in theory as the sample rate rises the additional S/N from more samples is swamped by the increased noise from more jitter at some point and that point is somewhere between double rate DSD and quad rate DSD.

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Thanks @tedsmith but that’s what I was asking. Why do the conversion to analogue from DSD256? Why not somewhere between DSD128 and DSD256 rates? Since you can use discrete design.

Sorry I misunderstood.

Tho theoretically one can do a fixed synchronous sample rate conversion between any two frequencies as soon as the ratios aren’t a simple multiples (or divisors) the work gets more complicated and we can hear it when we need to use more resources in the FPGA to get a job done.

The optimal sample rate/jitter point is fairly flat, overshooting or undershooting by an octave won’t make a big difference.

At a more pragmatic level the clock jitter mostly depends on, well, the clock. There are only certain frequencies available and as you go higher in frequency the phase noise gets worse. I got the lowest phase noise I could get that would do the job. Trying to convert to some non multiple of DSD64 would necessitate a worse clock (or a heck of a lot more money for a custom clock.)

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