We also love cars

After waiting 19 months, I finally got my C8 Corvette this past September. I have wanted a Corvette since I was a kid but a lot of things got in the way. I was looking at used Corvettes but when I heard about the mid engine I went with new. It is a 2023 3LT with the Z51 package, magnetic selective ride control and front end lift and a few other options. Waiting for Spring so I can get it back on the road. Maine winters and sport cars aren’t a good mix.


That’s badass :sunglasses:

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My daily drivers!


Cars aside… lovely driveway!

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more photos of the longhood please! :metal:

It is a 69 S one 2 69 s I’ve owned in addition to a 65,66 and a 67 S (euro) amongst others



The S is lovely. A friend of mine when I was young was a car dealer, he did the Porsches and his wife did the Ferraris. He said that the 911S was all the car anyone ever needed. I remember when he took me out in an early Turbo - I was stunned, I couldn’t believe the performance.

I’ve four cars, all old now:

  • a 1989 Vauxhall Astra GTE 16V (known as an Opel Kadett in other countries) - great performance from a very light car (mines extra light now due to rust), a real hot hatch
  • a 1999 Skoda Felicia - it’s a 1.6 rather than a 1.3 and is our daily driver
  • a 2003 BMW E46 M3 cabriolet for when the weather’s nice (so not very often)
  • a 2003 GT3, the only car I’ve ever bought new. I will never sell it, it’s fantastic, I used to track it a lot, these days only about once a year. No trick suspension, steering, aero etc, a straight forward driver’s car (it does have ABS)



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Proper GT3!

I own and owned GT3 Cup; GT3 a Grand Am; GT3R 997 and GT3R 991. Awesome cars.

Now racing an R8 LMS GT3


Very Nice! A friend has a 2023 GT3 Touring. 9,000 glorious sounding, adrenaline inducing rpm!

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Mine only goes to 8200 but it sounds glorious getting there. I used to race a single seater, much cheaper than a tin top. Only one serious incident (I think I was punted from behind as it was on a straight at the time).


Did single seaters and some open wheelers. Then I got wiser…. Tested an LMP1 and LMP3. They are a hoot

I’ve just PMd you. Over four years I did about 40 races in the’90s and had lots of fun for very little cost. I’ll never forget my first race, when those lights went green it was better than sex.