We also love cars


Haha, being the OP of this thread, it’s sure funny how it’s derailed, but I love it! Glad the moderators haven’t interjected.
Btw I owned a 1984 911 for 13 years and currently own a Porsche 718 Cayman and #69/75 Subaru STi Type RA Canadian model.



Certainly not the worst, but when this one derails it stay derailed for much longer than most.


@Chops That’s a purdy SOB.


@Baldy - Thank you sir. She certainly gets the job done! :wink:


nice looking car nicely photographed


I remember when the Z’s first came to America. I lusted after one but couldn’t afford it. The hot rodders couldn’t wait to rip out the I6 and drop a small block Chevy in. They have always had good clean lines.


I am comfortable with the young part, but despise living in a city. It is akin to being an ant in an anthill.


I’ve always loved the Z ever since I used to get rides in a blue and silver '84 280ZX back in the day with my friend and his mom. I absolutely fell in love with the last 300ZX, fell in love again when the new 350Z came out in 2002. And lastly, the truly sexy lines of the 370Z with nearly identical roof line to the GTR. I couldn’t take it any longer and decided to purchase a 370Z of my own, and am so glad that I did.

I’m already at 400 hp, and can only manage about another 30+ with long tube headers and exhaust cams. After that, I would have to go forced induction to make “real” power, good for around 700 hp on the stock internals. Anything after that, I’d have to go with a built bottom end, and might as well stroke it out from 3.7L to 4.2L.

For probably less money, I could throw in a slightly messaged LS motor, gap the piston rings and slap on a ProCharger and make the same or more power with a LOT more torque.

It’s a thought.


Surrounded mostly by like-beings and a bunch of dirt sounds more akin to rural life than city life. :wink:


Crappy environment for alpacas and so on.


Well played, Jeff!


Once a hot rodder always a hot rodder. As a strange coincidence we make some bracketry for The Supercharger Store who is a big ProCharger dealer / builder / supplier in Tucson. A couple years ago they were working on a kit for a RAZR that took it to 140 HP if I remember right. Crazy stuff for the old guys to think about.
I am always amazed at how good current hardware is able to support such huge horsepower numbers reliably. Its a testament to modern metallurgy and lubes. My Z06 has enough power to paste a nearly non removable grin on your face when you mash the loud pedal and still manage 28 MPG cruising in “ECO” mode. I’ll bet your 370Z is the same for you.
I guess the stereo hobby is really just hot rodding in the living room.


3,274 pounds is not a heavy car, but what made the 240Z so fun was its 2,300 pound curb weight. The Miata is the only car I think of off hand which started small and remained so; the current Miata is only roughly 200 pounds more than the original.

If only we could magically package more room, gadgets, etc. without making a car heavier.

I am continually impressed so many cars will stand up to heavy engine modding without the bottom end or the drive train failing.


Completely agree about weight. The two factors that few people ever consider, light weight and long wheel travel are what made the original Lotus Elan so wonderful.



Found one of me on the track. Kind of a fun car :grin:


You can own sports cars in London. Going anywhere is the problem. A friend recently did an E-type renovation, took three years, its worth approaching $500,000, but I’ve never seen it move. It’s certainly pretty. My father sold his E-type as the exhaust box can’t clear certain speed bumps we have here. He’s threatening to get another Porch.


Here’s a picture of my Porch this morning. I haven’t seen it move either, but it’s pretty ; )


28 MPG, huh? I’m luck if I break into the 16’s with my Z. LOL

Then again, I drive 4.5 each way back and forth to work, in city traffic… And the engine sees redline at LEAST once a day.

I just filled up last night, 230 miles to the tank, and roughly 15.8 MPG. When my brother had the same exact Z, he drove 40 miles a day round trip and typically got over 400 miles to a tank.

One time, my best was 188 miles to a tank! LOL


Agreed. Its really hard to leave the fun pedal alone. Luckily for me no city driving. We live in a small town and its at least a 30 mile drive to the next biggest town. I do like the car a lot though. I think if I was young again and had this car I would either lose my license or be pasted to a tree somewhere. It takes a few gray whiskers to be able to use a little moderation when needed.


Same frame and stock power train, more or less (and same MPG performance, I’m afraid)…