New SR Master fuse review vs AM M1 and Purple to follow

So first off I checked with Elk to clear with him about a separate thread
for the new SR Master fuse given the mish mash of threads that have
a good deal of fuse content…

So wow Elk thanks…

Before going any further…let’s limit this thread to those who are about to receive
their new SR Master fuse or perhaps are even evaluating them as I write.

So yesterday at about 2:30pm my new SR Master fuse arrived…
My chosen place of install is my P15 power plant… had to shut everything
down while replacing the fuse with the new SR Master.

Figuring out the direction for the new SR fuse is a task as the fuse body is white
with very shiny silvery SR lettering not usual black/red SR…So try as I may took
my chances and installed it on my P15…

Before going further…I need to clarify that elsewhere I had stated that the AM M1 fuse
sounded as if the bass were heavier bud lacked distinction somewhat boomy.

On a lark I reversed the AM M1’s orientation and discovered that the AM M1 fuse
is really really excellent in all aspects.

Now here comes the SR Master fuse…with just a moment’s play time…familiar
instrumental music (which I had been listening too for purposes of comparing with
the SR Masrer) off the bat was the extended attack decay of strings, winds and percussion.
It appears that the new SR Master can more readily display very faint subtleties more
so than the AM M1 fuse.

Now being the curious tweaker the idea kept nagging me that maybe it might be a good
to reverse the SR Master fuse’s orientation…Thus accomplished sat down again to listen.
What I heard showed me that my first attempt was the correct orientation.

With regards to mids these seem to have more body than Purple even perhaps
the AM M1 while retaining subtle detail…bass notes very well defined…better than
AM M1 or Purple…

Keep in mind my SR Master has has but 22 hours play time at most…will the burn in
cycle be much of a factor…remains to be seen…

So is the SR Master worth the $600.00 or $300.00 more than the AM M1…?
It all depends on each individual system’s environment…mind you now that
many have power cable priced at many many multiples of the price of this

Hopefully this will help everyone along…

Your patience is appreciated as this will be an ongoing process…
Lets not mess this one up…

Best wishes everyone


Congratulations on being the first to get the Master fuse, waymanchen11 is expecting his tomorrow.

So better bass and detail retrieval.

What’s the highs like?
I always thought the M-1 was lacking slightly in comparison to the Purple.

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That is a good start. Knowing all SR fuses need significant burn in time, it will be interesting to see your continue evaluation as time goes by!

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Darn, I may have to put my M-1 for sale soon :thinking:

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Hey sheridd2…thanks for asking…

The highs are smooth detailed quick with bite if is in the music.
The highs appear out of nowhere so it seems with the attacks
sharply defined and trail off as a vapor…far more so than the AM M1
or purple…

The highs appear to exist in a space far larger than the AM M1 or Purple,
while at the same time linger there longer…If the music has this…

For those wondering are the highs harsh…no not at all but very
smooth…this is probably because of the music program I am using.

The mids are pretty much of the same dynamic as the highs…
The bass much better defined and tighter than AM M1 or Purple…

Remember though this is an ongoing evolvement …we shall see how
this fuse settles in finally

Best wishes

Hey Donald…

Remember this is a ymmv sort of thing…I have read at the SR site
that they do offer a 30 day home trial…

Wish you the best

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Hoping to hear from waymanchen, as he is soon to receive his SR Master

Waiting to hear from you friend

Best wishes

Thanks davida, sounds very promising indeed.

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Hoping as well that this pans out as well or even better than at beginning…
We shall find out!!

Best wishes

What was behind your decision to place it in your power conditioner? SR suggests trying your DAC first.


Hey Irwin1949

Actually Ted Denny also stated that the new Master should probably go
in the power plant or conditioner as all other components will feed
from there and benefit everything else…At least this was my take…

Only wishing to spend on 1 fuse that would affect everything else
is why I chose my P15 …So far this is playing out as Ted Denny

Best wishes

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From SR :

“So you start with a single Master Fuse on your DAC or line conditioner”

Best wishes

In your opinion is the SR-M more on the sprinkle side of the Purple or the warmer one of the AM M-1? Hope you understand what I mean because you know very well both of them.

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Hmmm sprinkles…thought those were for desserts and confections :innocent: ja ja…

From the brief run time with the new SR Master…So far it seems it has it’s
own character meaning detail with spatial well as body to the
instruments…the new SR Master seems to strike a new balance between the
bone and the body of an instrument

To answer your question properly would mean to shut system down and go back
to listening to the AM M1 which I will in do time…using the same music tracks for
a constant and play back levels shown on my system…

Sorry luca if I don’t seem to have much else experientially to give you for the moment…
Would really like to be more informative…bear with me we will find out in due time…

Best wishes my friend


david, thanks so much for sharing your impressions.

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Sorry “sparkle” is the right word… my bad! Thanks for your answer you got it!

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Sparkles yes plenty if music has them…perhaps sparkles most similar
to the spatial qualities I spoke of earlier…just beautiful clean airiness

Best wishes

My pleasure lonson…glad to be of some assist.

Best wishes

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Thanks for the review @davida. Where would you place the next fuse should you purchase another?

I ask because I have a P15 and the Shunyata Denali 6000v2. For the most part my 2 channel system is plugged into the Denali and the 5.1 system into the P15 so for now I wouldn’t change the SR Orange fuse yet.

In my system both my BHK Pre and my Holo Audio Spring 3 Dac benefited the most with a fuse upgrade.


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David, is your Master a 5A or 6.3A?

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