We've lost another fine musician, David Lindley

David Lindley, one of my favorite popular music musicians died today. He was a crack session guitarist, long time road warrior backing up Jackson Browne, and creator of several pretty great albums.
If you’re not familiar, this one is a great way to make acquaintance with his music.

This is a great collaboration recording


RIP, Mercury Blues is my favorite.


This is so sad. I grew up listening to El Rayo X. Was one of my father’s fave albums.

For me…this one hurts. Popped in to the forum to catch up before bed and didn’t expect this.

Had the pleasure of seeing David many times through the years. First was in 1988 and El Rayo X opened for Jackson Browne. Over the past 13 years I had the good fortune to see him twice w/Jackson and twice in a small venue. Met him 3 times (2009, 2013, 2014) and he was really approachable and very gracious.

A few pics I’ve taken…

First and third (last) times my wife and I met him…

I’ve hit his website several times a year since then hoping for a concert date but it appears his last performance was in 2019. Just read that he’s been in poor health as a result of long-haul COVID and there is a fundraiser to help w/medical expenses. Like so many working musicians…appears he wasn’t a multi-gazillionaire and his wife/daughter will have bills to pay and final expenses. No affiliation but I just purchased 2 t-shirts to help them out. Fundraiser for David Lindley : The Steel Guitar Forum

For anyone not familiar with his music/contributions to the music world, it’s worth looking over his body of work. He’s played with most of the big names from his era and I’ve yet to find another musician that comes close to his pedigry…David Lindley - Official Discography Safe to say you’ve heard him, and not just w/Jackson Browne, but probably didn’t know it. He was a brilliant player–most evident in the solo performances I attended.

I’m that guy that’s lurking close to the stage and interested in whatever instrument an artist I like is playing. Shot this the last time I met him. So hard to believe these will no longer play such sweet sounds…

RIP, The Very Greasy Mr. Dave.


He was a real-deal session player. Very tasteful, capable player.


Bummer. Another big loss.

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A nice tribute.

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It took Jackson Browne a bit of time to come to terms with Lindley’s death. He published a fitting tribute only a few days ago:


The passing of David Lindley. It’s clear that he had a significant impact on your life and brought you many cherished memories through his music and personal interactions. His contributions to the music world won’t be forgotten. May he rest in peace, and it’s a thoughtful gesture to support his family during this difficult time.

I think his finest hour was with Kaleidoscope, the band he fronted with Saul Feldthouse in the late '60’s. The first three albums are wonderful, and very eclectic. Seven Ate Sweet from the self-titled third album is awesome, and yes, it’s in 7/8 time. What a talented musician. RIP.