What are you spinning right now?



Pretty extensive and I only make it so far, but The Beach Boys covering The Beatles (I Should Have Known Better, Tell Me Why)…how can you go wrong?


I leave this beautiful weekend of music with this. New Orleans musicians looking for their roots in the Caribbean. Peace y’all!


Texas Tornados. . . .

image https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/817N62k0AbL.SY355.jpg


Lied about no more posts tonight…just ordered this. Have no idea what it is but “instantly” looks up my alley…




The complete shows from June 7, 8 and 9, 1977 at Winterland in San Francisco. What a great run!


A fine, well-executed recording. Possibly a little sombre for early morning listening.



Nice! I’m a big fan of these musicians.


I love this album because, unusually for baroque music, it has a strong bass presence and tests out the low-frequency handling of your system. Having laboriously set up the sub on the new desktop system, I played it and was very satisfied indeed with the result



Great workout mix.


This one again. I really like it. Would have been a lovely show to see.

Jovino Santos Neto Quinteto “Por Causa De Voce”



Bob Dylan “Oh Mercy” Sony Blu-Spec CD2. While I wait for the Mobile Fidelity SACD to arrive (it’s in the mail) I’m listening to this superb sounding reissue from Japan.


Waitin’ on the other shoe to drop…

Shovels and Rope, Evil, from “Swimmin’ Time”


Cassandra Wilson “She Who Weeps” JMT cd


“The Heifetz Piatigorsky Concerts” Sony cd from the “Art of the Cello” box set collecting Gregor Piatigorsky’s RCA and Columbia recordings.



Finally allowing myself to get to the end of the latest Grateful Dead box set, the Pacific Northwest set, listening to the last evening. I’ve held off because I didn’t want to come to the end, but I’m enjoying the ending. I’ll let a little time pass and go through the set again.


I’m not a fan of soundtracks, but…

Every sax player admires Colin Stetson…and his spherical/ambient bass adventure here at least during the first tracks is scaring and goosebump producing. If you have halfway large speakers and/or a sub connected, play this in best available resolution…it’s among the most fascinating deep bass drug. Send your family to the cinema, rise volume and start the first track…I would like to hear this on the IRSV…