What Classical are you spinning?

Just got a shipment of 3 out 5 Naxos CDs from Presto Music’s recent sale (2 are back ordered). Starting out with this very nice recording of Beethoven’s “The Creatures of Prometheus.”

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Next up:

I don’t have any other recordings of these pieces to compare this to, but I’m enjoying it greatly. I like Alsop’s work anyway. She used to guest conduct here in Indy with some regularity, and I still recall a particularly effective reading she did of James (or Jimmy, as she called him) MacMillan’s “Confession of Isobel Gowdie.”

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The fact that Leif Segerstam is the conductor makes interesting! Here are some of his sayings:

“The kaleidescopic flexator on the podium — the conductor.”

“The winds can rehearse the length of the teedle-eedle-boom.”

“Keep the fermata of the rest interesting.”

“It is very beautiful what you played, but you are forgetting one thing that makes it tomorrow too loud.”

“We get a plankton plasmatic flimmer.”

Those are great! I admit to not being familiar with either him, or this orchestra (though I see in the liner notes that the orchestra traces its origins back to 1790, when it was founded as “The Turku Musical Society”).

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Fins seem to pay good attention to classical.

I have been enjoying this CD quality ad free station for years :+1:t2:
I tune to it using streamers.

Playing something for @stevensegal …interesting modern ballet music if you’re in a relaxed mood and let it flow.