What Internet Radio Station are you spinning now?

Really enjoying this station, thanks!

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Boot Liquor is great, glad you are enjoying it. Lots of other interesting-sounding SomaFM stations listed here:


Thanks, familiar with a number of other SomaFM stations but hadn’t encountered this one. Many of them sound, well, not great but this one sounds decent to very good.

I’m quite surprised how good Planet Pootwaddle sounds despite the 128k bitrate. Sounds better than a number of 320k stations!

I think the streaming processor in use has a lot to do with it.

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I missed your link to Planet Pootwaddle from a couple of days ago. Listening now, great tunes, thanks for the tip!

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Curious what you think of the quality? I find it’s completely non fatiguing, decent soundstage width and a OK depth. It lacks the treble refinement but is not harsh at all. 128K!

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I just programmed Planet Pootwaddle into the Auralic Lightning DS iPad app and I am streaming it to my ARIES G2 (previously, I was listening to PP on a garden-variety desktop PC speaker). The app reports PP at 128Kbps. On my setup, the treble is too crunchy and grainy for critical listening. The music is great, though. Hopefully, they launch a 320Kbps stream eventually.

These 320k Audiophile Audition genre streams out of Greece sound pretty nice:


Ah bummer. Even my wife commented she thought PP sounded pretty good.

Could have been the tracks they were spinning at the time. Also, I noticed after I concluded last night’s listening session that the external LPSU that powers my Matrix X-SPDIF 2 was off, meaning that the Aries 2 was powering the Matrix via USB, which is sub-optimal. I will give Planet Pootwaddle a longer spin this weekend.

I have had a bit of sinus/ear thing the past few days, could be my highs are attenuated a bit and I can’t hear the grunge…but enjoying the content nonetheless.

This is a great idea for a thread :slight_smile:

Here are my current preset URLs, mostly 256 or 192 kbps AAC.
I don’t listen to radios 1 - 4 much, they are kinda there for completeness at the moment :slight_smile:

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 3

BBC Radio 4

Jazz 24

BBC 6 Music

Worldwide FM
(Eclectic, modern jazz leaning, hit and miss)

The Dub Station
(could do with a better source of on-tap Dub)

The Long Player
(1000 year long piece of Algorithmic music - very calming in moments of stress!)

The Long Player

It’s nearly completed it’s first 20 years end of this month!

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Radio Seaside from the Netherlands. https://www.radioseaside.nl

Here’s a direct link: http://radioseaside.dyndns.org:8000/listen.pls

Do you broadcast anything higher than 192k MP3?

Also 320kb/s http://radioseaside.dyndns.org:8030/listen.pls



Listening to Planet Pootwaddle again, this time via headphones, and my streaming setup optimized. PP is definitely a sonic cut above the typical 128K Internet stream.

Hopefully the goofy/odd bumpers make you laugh too. I’ve emailed them about higher bit rate streams (perhaps for donors) but have not heard back in a week.

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Wish it were higher quality, but…

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