What is the temp of the M700 and M1200 amps cool, warm, hot or very hot?

my first post
just wondering how hot these amps get with normal use say after 2-3 hours of use moderate to high volume?

my current D class amp runs hot to very hot which surprised me


On a 1 to10 scale where 1=cool and 10=hot, I’d give the M700s a 1.5.
Just perceptibly lukewarm.


Felix 12345, I gotta say if your 1200’s are running as HOT as you claim then I suspect that you might have a problem internally with them.

As a comparison, I also have a pair of 1200’s and they always stay ‘COOL’ to the touch even when I have been blasting them for several hours.

Given that I have used both class A and class AB for the majority of my listening life, I find the 1200’s to run almost like they are not even on!

In other words at the very most when I touch them they feel so lukewarm as compared to the class AB’s…
Perhaps you might have some trouble in Paradise!

Check with PS Audio tech on Tuesday.

Good luck.

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thanks for the response I should have specified my current Class D amp is not a PSAudio product
but if I decide to purchase the M700 or M1200 I want to make sure it does not run hot

With most of the ID based Class D amp companies they are using the Ghent and Takachi cases as the heat sinks so they will get into the mid to upper 90’s if pushed hard.

Well Felix12345, that is a mixed bag to now hear that what you currently have is not a PSA 1200 amp but some other amp outside the PS sphere.

Never the less, for me I find that Class D amps generally run very cool, unlike the Class A/B amps.
But what you describe is something that I can not directly answer.

If it were PS related then yes, but not in this case as you’re amp is not PS Audio.

I might suggest that you either sell what you have and purchase a PS Audio amp or you can trade-in what ever amp you do have directly with PS who will give you a blazing deal to what ever PS amp you choose.

So my recommendation is to stop messing around and cut to the chase and buy a PS amp, pronto!

Or perhaps you might like to hop over to their (what ever amp you have) forum and pose the same question to them.
That way you will be assured of receiving a correct answer to your question.

Good luck

@Felix12345, welcome to the community!

A well made true class D amp should not run hot. It’s a perk of class D for tight rack or cabinet space. Either your amp is poorly designed or not a true class D. My M700 duo runs cool just like others here have said. My CD player runs hotter. I should add that I leave my gear on all the time and don’t use standby modes.

What is the make/model of your current class D amp?

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Isn’t it interesting how we all understand things in our own way? When I read the topic and initiating post I perceived that @Felix12345 was interested in buying a PS Audio amp and wantedto know if all Class D amps run hot as his does or if M700’s or M1200’s are on the cool side.

Some other’s seem to have assumed he was somehow in error of posting his question here since his current amp isn’t a PS Audio. Aren’t all HiFI related quesitons welcome from current or potential customers?

If this were my first experience on the forum, I’d have said PS Audios! Let’s be nice shall we?


It does not. I have never had either of these amps hot to the touch.


ok thanks for the responses and my question was answered.
Sandrock yes I am thinking about a purchase from PS Audio and tomhail thanks for your response

I will post again with more details about my current set up and ask for advice on the matter


If you’re still looking for feedback, I’ve had a pair of M700s for a month, and even after pushing them pretty hard for an evening, the cases are just warm to the touch. My room’s not huge (14’x17’x8’8”) but my speakers (Maggie .7s) aren’t especially sensitive, either.

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