What is up with the Mark Levinson 5101

Recently installed a Mark Levinson 5101 cd/streamer into my home system.

Had trouble with connectivity. Downloaded the Mark Levinson and MusicLife app to my phone. Connected the 5101 to my wifi network. Everything worked but I would lose connection at random times from 1 to 24 hours.

Decided to get some cat6 cable and connect the 5101 directly via the ethernet connection. Again, everything worked but I would lose connection at random times from 1 to 24 hours.

Contacted Mark Levinson tech support. Their explanation is that the two apps are still in beta testing for Droid devices but work without issue on iPhones.

I then downloaded the two apps onto my wife’s iPhone and am having the exact same results.

Is this product not ready for prime time?

Does anyone have any input that could help me?

Thanks in advance…

I don’t have any idea about your issue, but the current 5805 integrated amp is notorious for glitches as well. ML has a bit of a PR headache presently with user experience in some cases not meeting expectations for the premium prices on offer.

Good luck and I hope somebody will be able to provide helpful suggestions

That is what I am concerned about. Do I purchase this unit or not.

I was in the market for a high end CD player / DAC.

Then I ran across the 5101 that also had a built in streamer. However, i have found that the streamer using TIDAL does not match the sound quality of the cd version.

How does the Marantz SA-10 compare to Mark Levinson devices?