Which cover for flat-style PS Audio Power Port

Hello, I recently found an older PS Audio Powerport that I had in storage for quite some time. It’s flat-faced and I can’t seem to find any high quality covers for flat audio-grade outlets. I wondered if anyone had any recommendations?

Square hole covers are quite common. I never believed a $175 carbon fiber cover would make any sonic difference. I would just go to Home Depot and pick one up in the color of my choice for a couple of bucks. How does your power cord know what your cover is made of? Does it even come in contact with the cover?


I got a Synergistic carbon fiber outlet over, free with a Hubble outlet, zapped with gazillion volts.
It made no discernible difference. Highly recommended!


In my “Home Cave system”, I used these from Furutech:

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Looks amazing, but doesn’t look like it fits with the flat faced receptacle.

@straightwire Will look into the synergistic. Thanks.

@aangen seems like a slippery slope. How would your stereo know what kind of power cable; how would your speakers know what kind of bananas or spades, etc. I had a graphite carbon fibre on another outlet and heard a small difference.