Which HDMI cable are you getting for your new PerfectWave SACD Transport?

Hi all,

This is my 1st post here. I have been trying to find information on the new dragon 48 HDMI.

I’m using AQ diamond HDMI now for audio only, and im happy with it. I was wondering how much improvement the new dragon 48 has.

I email AQ directly and they dont know how much improvement exactly and they say about 10% only.

Have anyone compared it to AQ diamond HDMI? Please give some opinion.


If the Dragon is roughly twice the price, you would expect it to be twice as good, right?

Welcome, @santodx5 !

I am happy with 20% :slight_smile: but not sure with 10…

Welcome @santodx5! I own the AQ Diamond and the Revalation Audio labs (RAL) cryosilver cable. I prefer the RAL over the Diamond by a small margin. Some have posted the Dragon blows the RAL away. AQ claims the Dragon has a higher level of noise dissipation then Diamond otherwise they are both 100% silver. I would try the Dragon or the Firebird which IMO would give you 95% or more of the Dragon’s performance for substantially less money. The Music Room has a 60 day trial offer on them. If you don’t like what you hear send it back and get your money. Call them for a better price. Ask for Nick. [quote=“santodx5, post:151, topic:21409, full:true”]

Trying to put in in perspective regarding better noise dissipation. I recently upgraded my XLR from my DSD to my BHK pre. I compared the cables both AQ on paper identical except the newer cable has better noise dissipation. Difference in performance was very noticeable IMO much more than 10%. Good luck with your decision and audio journey!
Hi all,

This is my 1st post here. I have been trying to find information on the new dragon 48 HDMI.

I’m using AQ diamond HDMI now for audio only, and im happy with it. I was wondering how much improvement the new dragon 48 has.

I email AQ directly and they dont know how much improvement exactly and they say about 10% only.

Have anyone compared it to AQ diamond HDMI? Please give some opinion.


Hi. Thanks for the feedback.

I’m taking about dragon 48 btw.

I have preordered from my local dealer, it should be here in a month or so.

I will post some review later.


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Yes. When I mentioned Dragon I was referring to Dragon 48 and Firebird 48. The only other Dragon HDMI is eARC and I’m told it doesn’t work with I2S applications. Looking forward to reading about your experience! I’m sure the improvement over Diamond is substantial! Good luck.

Has anyone received their Firebird 48 yet? Any first impressions?

Considering it very strongly.

Had my Firebird48 for a couple of weeks. I’m impressed. After plenty of burn-in it has a spacious liquid sound with no signature.

So Fedex delivered my Dragon HDMI yesterday. This is a replacement of my AudioMagic HT running between my PSA PST and DAC. I decided to try the Dragon because of my highly positive experience with the AudioQuest power cables–I have the Thunders on my power amps and speakers (Vandersteen Model 7 MkII speakers and M7-HPA amps) and Dragons on all my front end gear.

I listen mostly to Jazz and chamber music, so before inserting the Dragon I pulled out a nice Czerny string quartet that, while nicely recorded, was a little harsh on the violin upper registers. I listened first with the AudioMagic in place and then the Dragon cold out of the box. Harshness was gone with an overall more relaxed, more listenable presentation. Then tried a few Jazz pieces–same thing plus I would add similar comments made by waymanchen.

So all this cold out of the box, wow! I have a Jazz thumb drive running on repeat so we will see after some break in.

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I believe this harshness and tenseness is from distortion and noise in the signal. The Dragon HDMI have super low distortion and noise. That is why you hear even more detail, and the noise around the images is reduced and you don’t hear this slight haze around the images.
When the cable breaks in more, you will hear even more music and less cable. This cable will completely disappear into the music.

I want to add, I just put back the RAL HDMI and yes, I hear the same harshness as you hear with the Magic HT. The highs are dirtier and not as pure, and you can’t hear the body of the instruments like with the Dragon.


Perhaps I need to trial one of these and move my RAL to HD duty. Who is the best discount for the AQ HDMI cords?

I can hear some grain on the highs with the temps up here in TX. Was not here when outside temps were down. The incoming distortion follows temps on my power. The P20 is a curse and blessing. It 0.1 percent still leaves a haze after 2.2 % incoming line distortion. Not measured but present to my ears. The HDMI dragon is still a buy compared to a 20 amp power cord dragon.

I just switched the P20 to low distortion versus high registration. The RAL high fuzz disappeared. @waymanchen11 can you trial your P20 with RAL and Dragon swaps versus high regulation and low distortion? Right now the magic of my RAL is back. Even at high 2.2 percent incoming.

Hi @waymanchen11
Here Is an example where the track soundstage collapsew where it is high regulation vs distortion it is nearly unlistenable in high regulation.

Can you do a A vs B on AQ vs RAL HDMI. I appreciate your ears and know you have P20.

I believe the best deal on the Dragon is call The Music Room for a deal.

I do not hear any grain whether on high regulation or low distortion. The distortion coming into my house is 2.5% and coming out from the P20 is 0.1%. I alway have my P20 on low distortion mode.

The harshness I’m referring to from the RAL is a hardness in the upper midrange area. With the Dragon, the hardness is reduced with better detail overall. These are the characteristic of the cables and has nothing to do with the power.

But I will do what you ask to see what difference the high regulation will do to the sound of these cables tomorrow, it too late here today.

Thanks. My power was incoming at 2.5% when I last checked. At low distortion I still heard some high frequency grain even high regulation vs low distortion. Trying to decide whether to take the next cable leap. I have a couple of other digital cables to address my digital LPS and Apple TV feeding system distortion into my P20.

I guess I am cursed hearing night and day difference and next step to address right now incoming is down to 1.5%. I like that ease of music. The 0.1% output on P20 is a misnomer to my ears in my system 2.5 vs 1.5 Something is passing through.

Hi @Vmax,
I fooled around with the low distortion / high regulation settings with both the RAL ands Dragon cables. Both cables has the same reaction. Low distortion sounds a little more subdued and high regulation sounds a little more live. I’ve been using low distortion all the time. High regulation, images might pop out more, but can get a little rough. Distortion today is 2.6 % in and 0.1% out. I use MW 4. It sounds more refined than sine wave.

As for the difference between RAL and Dragon, it is no contest. Dragon is easily the superior cable regardless of low distortion / high regulation setting. The Dragon has better detail, instruments sounds more present and complete with more air around images and better sound space just as I said before.

Maybe you should get one and try it. I’m sure you will be blown away by this cable. You have the equipment to show it. With my Esoteric N-03T, the difference was even greater. I think TMR has a 60 days satisfaction return policy. You just paid the shipping to return item.

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Thanks for sorting through the trials. Confirming the high regulation versus low distortion I felt I here. I generally just use autotune function and clean function. Last night the differences were realy noticeable until incoming power cleaned up.

I think TMR is safest bet to trial the dragon. I have some acoustic panels coming and two more Gent DC cables and a couple of AC power cords I should sort out first. By then I will have budget to trial the Dragon HDMi and maybe a Dragon cord for the P20.

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TMR has a 2M Dragon power cable currently listed on their site.

Yes I saw that too already. Too bad it only has C15 and not C20 IEC plug.