Which HDMI cable are you getting for your new PerfectWave SACD Transport?

I am not sure if this helps. a while back I had some issue with playing USB. start reading from post 85

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I tried WAV, then FLAC. Same issue. I finally found a FLAC file with an hour and a half duration. Just have to start it every hour and a half. Called tech support. They’re getting back to me.

Had the same issue with my PST. If I selected repeat all, only the first song played. So in order to get the USB stick to play continuously, I had to select repeat for just one song. Didn’t really matter since I wasn’t listening while the HDMI cable was burning-in, but would be nice if this bug was fixed.

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The USB port can be pretty finicky. Folks tend to have the best luck with smaller drives and formatted by a Windows machine. It’s crucial to make sure there are no folders at all on the drive.

With the single repeat setting the player ran all night. Thanks to all for the help.

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That’s helpful, thanks for letting us know.