Why is this f word now banned in these forums?

There’s an eight-letter word that starts with f and ends with k that means, for example, to provide information about one’s experience dealing with another in the sale or purchase of a piece a gear. I just tried to edit the price in my Marketplace post, but at Save there was a message that my post contains this banned word. It was already in my post and still is, but this strange “error” prevented me from saving my edit, as well as spelling it out here. What’s going on?

I got flagged for F e e d back and F r ank both. Now this censorship filter is a bridge too far these days.

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Nope, still no idea. The closest I could get was something you did with a sweet sugary brown substance, but that ended in a ‘g’…

… and is also only a length of 7. (You can tell I’m useless at scrabble)

Because you asked…

In the era I grew up that was a foul filthy cuss word…using it would get you
suspended even expelled from school…
There were kids that got paddled for it and were sent home with a note
that parents had to sign…

Today society has degenrated such that this same expression no longer
appears to be the same filthy dirty meaning it did then and still does…

There are ways to express oneself without the use of these…doing so
expresses a higher form of intelligence…

Best is not using this term at all…

Best wishes everyone!!



I use F Bombs all the time on my YT Channel and I encourage it in the comments section.



I can’t stop laughing John :rofl:

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Blame South Park :rofl:


I have a lot of sympathy with your view, however I’m too “potty mouthed” to completely avoid it.

Also, it seems we have a classic case here of the “Scunthorpe effect”…

Edit - Now I’m even more amused that “f e e d b a c k” is not allowed, but “Scunthorpe” is :smiley:

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…and Father Ted!

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Also testing here that this not one of those stupid sites that translates or prevents the word “gay”…

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…and also the times I got in trouble on my one trip to USA when I would regularly ask American colleagues in the smokers tent if I could “bum a fag”…

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Maybe I am too sequestered here in isolation but I have never heard that the word F e e d b a c k was or is used in any way that could be connoted as an expletive or having any meaning that could be interpreted as unseemly. What am I missing? And apologies to any I have unwittingly offended by its use here.



Seems like the whole matter is a pile of bull Lentinula edodes

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For decades I winced at f e e d b a c k as one of those empty headed Me Generation terms, like empower, to be avoided except when used technically. Now I just bear having to use it online, while otherwise treating it as one that shall not be spoken.

I wonder if Elk monitors this forum

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PC Southern! (Anagram) :slightly_smiling_face:


Somewhere in the backend code for this site there is a list of words (or, more likely, regular expressions) that are banned - I think we should see said list - @Elk can we see the “banned” list please?

Or Fr ank as in Sinatra I know he was a ladies man but didn’t brag of it vulgarly at least not in public. But to ban his first name. Frankly I don’t give a damn is acceptable though.