Will DS Sr. remote control GCC-100?

I’m buying a used GCC-100 with no remote. Will the remote to the DS Sr. control it? Otherwise, is it possible to buy a replacement GCC-100 remote from PS Audio?

Thanks for any help you might have for me!

Should work just fine. I know volume will work and I’m quite sure input selection will as well. Sadly no more original GCC remotes left though.

I’m mostly concerned about the balance and phase adjustments, since those are only supposed to work with the remote.

Gotcha. That I’m less confident in working, but it may very well work just fine. Balance should, but I’m not certain about phase.

Hi @antoniobendezu,

Something you might consider is to get a Logitec Harmony Hub. While I don’t have a GCC-100, I manually added one to my Harmony hub configuration to see if it would recognize it and it seemed to do so. I didn’t tell it that it was an amp, I just entered the model number into the configuration and it determined that it was an amp.


What I cannot do is test it since I don’t have a GCC-100.

But, I can see that the Left and Right Balance, and Phase commands do seem to be there among others.

Good luck with your purchase!


Sweet, thanks mycrowave! Seems like it would work to me.

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Thanks for the replies! The dude that sold it was using a programmable Logitech remote to control all functions, so it’s possible. I mistakenly drank high-octane tea last night, on my way to pick up the amp, so I stayed up until 5:30 am listening to it. The DS Sr. remote could adjust the volume, but I had to be within 10 feet of the amp, whereas the DS Sr. can be much father than that. Weird.

The amp sounds really nice, and I can’t wait to hear it on its intended system, which needs some responsive power. Going from tubes to the GCC, though, I missed that micro-level whatever that makes the tube sound. I don’t know how to describe the GCC’s sound, but it’s very refined and transparent. Very glad for the purchase!

The plastic cover over each gain cell PCB came off during packing/transport. What kind of glue should I use to adhere them back onto the underlying PCB?

Awesome, glad you’re enjoying the amp so far.

Our recommendation to get those guys back on is either a few small dabs of hot glue, or any silicon based adhesive should do the trick.

Sweet! Thanks for all your help @jamesh!

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