Will PS Audio develop a competitive product? (Humorous question)

I can hide my M1200 in the 600 boxes to make them look more impressive. Please add my name to the Beta test list for that.

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Why don’t you hide BHK 600s in doubled up M-1200 chassis and cruise with a sleeper system?



You mean there is room for one BHK 600 to stuff both of M1200. That sounds great and I may only have to pay one-half of what James wants to charge.

You cannot mean the other way I around I hope, the Mod for that will be too high I am afraid.


Those BHK 600’s are impressive looking.

As I said at some point up above, I don’t care what people do with their own money if it brings them joy. I just found it terribly amusing TO ME and MY fiscal and audiophile priorities to see a $1,500 empty box. If you can afford it and it’s the ONE THING that will make your system be exactly how you’d hoped, I hope it brings you a great deal of joy.

The first Peachtree Nova had a space where you could slide a Sonos Connect into it internally. I guess they were ahead of the curve.

Those were pioneered by another user here and he had one made for Paul. Here’s the original post:

McIntosh understands, and embraces, there are those who buy their equipment for its appearance.

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Harley Davidson built an entire side business on that theory.

(Says the guy who just sewed a BMW patch on his riding suit)


Part of my office rig. I’ve had it for more years then I can remember. I restored it a few years back. Paired with a Magnum Dynalab ST-2 antenna it sounds great.


I adore those Marantz receivers. From the sideways dial to the adorable typefaces, they are unmatched in design and beauty.


That is a beauty. I’ve had my share of Marantz gear over the years and have always admired the sound, the looks, and the feel (especially that flywheel tuning).


This is strictly a tuner. It’s not a receiver. Of note is the o-scope on the left for adjusting reception.

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Depends on which fuse it comes with.


So, I have a confession. When I got setup with the DSD Jr, Matrix, and a Mac Mini server I loved the sound. But I didn’t like the look of the Matrix along side all of my PSA components. The Mac Mini was sleek enough to blend in. So I figured I could modify the empty case of another Mac Mini, fit the Matrix in it, and boom - eyesore remedied. I had to Dremel out the bottom of the case and do some fenagling. It looked good, the only thing missing was a blue LED. Got that squared away and it was done.

Does this make me guilty of counterfeiting?



Yeah but guacamole is delicious. :drooling_face::avocado:

Sounds like a good move to me.

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Wouldn’t start a business with that as the premise but as a one-off you should be safe

It reminds me of the high end audio company that hogged out a big block of aluminum and jammed at $175 Oppo player inside. They sold it for over $3000. When a reviewer opened it up that pretty much ended that high end company.


Tice too with their clock. I just saw a $500 Macintosh clock where the meters were hours and min. But at least that functions as something.

Good advice :smiley:.