Wish List for P20 owners


I vaguely recall somebody from the PS software team sounding out the forum in the early P20 days about changing the GUI. Whatever came of that?


Changing the GUI would be great. A couple good ideas are mentioned in this thread. The biggest requested change would be to not always default to the faux analog meters. Some of us like the tabulated values page. The system should default to the last viewed page, just like the P10 did.

Thanks for considering the change!!!


I think the default screen is almost useless.
If it were me, I would take advantage of this large screen to show the following in digital format:

Upper left corner- Voltage in
Upper right corner- Voltage out
Lower left corner- Distortion in
Lower right corner- Distortion out
Center of screen - Power

Make the fonts as large as possible so that at a glance I can tell the status of my P20.


We were talking about changing the GUI on all the older Power Plants to the new one if I remember correctly.


Initially I wasn’t sure about the look with the addition of handles, but in person it is quite striking and formidable looking. The handles are much appreciated when wrestling into place!
I actually like the ‘analog’ look but also like the idea of home screen options.


When you say Power do you mean Amps and do you also want the percentage utilized?


I would choose watts but amps or percentage would work.


Regarding edit. Was there something offensive about my post or me quoting Paul?


Elk hates quotes. He’s saving precious hard drive space…:rofl:


Ya. Funny that he’s removing a quoted question by the CEO of PS Audio, and silly me as a P20 owner, thought I was offering an honest response to the question in question.


He does a nice job on the site. He has some quirks, don’t we all?


The forum software is designed so that quoting is typically unnecessary.

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Understood. What if the poster you are responding to has multiple posts in one thread and you want to address a particular post?


Once you click on “Reply” in the bottom right of the post to which you are responding, your post is linked to that specific post, making the context clear.

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Got it. I tried it out and it’s pretty slick. Guess I was confused since there are quotes all over this forum including this thread.


There are times when a quote is appropriate, such as when replying to a specific point made in a long multi-faceted post and one would not otherwise know to what you are responding.

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I like the overall look of the P20 but I hate the default screen being selected for me. I find the meters to be useless, so I turn the screen off. Let us choose which screen to leave in place.


Agreed. The meters don’t do much for me either, a choice of screen might be nice.


Hi Paul ! The readings are not WAY off, but I prefer that they are extremely precise, within 0.5V, or 0.2%. After all, isn’t that what “calibration” is for? Anyway, I think I’ve found a way to tweak the settings to my satisfaction through pure trial and error, as the process is not intuitive. Thanks for your offer to help!


As for the subject header topic, my wishes are:

  1. to have the screen stay in the “last viewed” display, instead of defaulting to the multiple analog page
  2. To add a magnified, full-screen view of any of the analog display items so that they are legible from the listening chair
  3. To maximize the screen real estate and legibility, fill the entire blue-screen page with data instead of leaving ~25% of the margins and borders “blank”
  4. To add a large knarly grounding post on the chassis, so that aftermarket sandbox grounding devices can be connected
  5. To add a section on the User’s Manual explaining the calibration process / procedure