Wishes Upcoming PSA Perfect Wave Phono Pre

I agree 100% !!

I got one of the first stellars shipped, and I absolutely love it.


Lyra made a step-up transformer specifically for their MC cartridges, called the Erodion Evo. It cost €7,000, which is cheaper than the €11,000 Lyra Atlas SL that was plugged into it when I heard it. It sounded utterly wonderful. It seems @DarrenMyers went for a slightly more budget Lyra :wink:.

I had a phono stage made with step-up transformers made by Sowter specifically for my cartridge specification (Koetsu Urushi) to avoid any switching. I still have the cartridge, but not the phono stage.

There seem to be two schools of thought - phonos with a wide range of switching to accommodate user preferences, and phonos with no switching at all. Some don’t even switch MM and MC. MM only is great if you want to use bespoke transformers and MC-only for the ultimate purist design. I almost bought one of the latter type last year. If you can live without the switching options thy also offer better value, but most people seem to want the switching options.

As a 63 yr. old Grandpa I only get excited at the thought of seeing my 1.5 yr old Granddaughter.
But THIS upcoming phono stage/pre is right up there in 2nd place to my wonderful Granddaughter !!


This would put @DarrenMyers just a little bit under pressure?!

Use ‘Light Dims’. Hardly noticeable.

Quite surprised @Paul during this interview never mentioned about the new PerfectWave Phono Pre

@DarrenMyers can give us some more news about? I hope it was just a question of “instant recall”…

Sorry if my question may not respect your plan of marketing or communication, I’m just curious and anxious to buy a new gear I’m waiting for months.

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Luca - I would not expect very many details to be discussed in advance. It has taken a long while and a lot of people’s opinions to get Paul to curb his enthusiasm about products prior to release. There are many good reasons for not talking about products in advance of their existence, as we’ve seen repeatedly in these Forums over the years.

Having said that, it will indeed be worth waiting for, assuming you are in the market for a high-end phono pre.