Would a Power Plant save me money?

10awg - not difficult to make one with stranded wire and other parts from any home store

The power plant will benefit everything, regardless of the cables and allow you to ‘improve’ it over time as budget allows. At some point you’ll find that they are all really, really good just different - try before you buy if at all possible. $$$ does not always equal sound you’ll like

About 15-20% of the output wattage is wasted as heat - so if you’re system draws 400w, the power plant is ‘using’ about 80w.

+1 on Cullen Cables. I’ve purchased some from Patrick over the past few years.

Basic Red Copper 5 meter PC would be around $200.


Yes, this is correct. To be exact, it is 85% efficient. Or, put another way, for every 100 watts used, 15 are lost to heat. Not bad, actually. As these things go, pretty good IMHO.