Would a Power Plant save me money?

Given a Power Plant reduces the need for high-end power cables I can see some savings there, especially if I need longer runs.

On top of this, does it also lessen the need for several linear power supplies (NUC, Matrix X-SPIDF 2, etc)? I.e. would plugging a switching PS into a Power Plant result in gains similar to those of a LPS?

Finally, is the draw from the main by the Power Plant more, less, or the same as the combined draw of all the connected components?


Sorry to let you know that regenerators benefits from high-end power cords. the better the power cord the better the regenerator will perform. When I change power cords on my P12, I can hear the change immediately since everything plugged into it is also effected.
Even though the regenerator is fairly efficient, it does waste some energy to run, so it will cause a little more to use, but I really didn’t notice much increase when I got the unit.
Anything you plugged into the regenerator is the same as plugging it into the wall, except you will be plugging it into regenerated clean power and not the crappy dirty power that comes from the wall.

Sure, totally understand that better power cords will always have benefits but I’ve read that the Power Plants ‘reduce’ the impact.

I’m afraid the impact is not reduced to the point of being insignificant. When I switch power cords on the regenerator, it’s similar to switching power cords on my other components. If you can hear it, then I believe it is signifiant and worth the effort to get the better sound from it.

Short answer is no. You still want to use good quality cords.

I second the input here - using a good power cable on a power plant makes an easily noticeable SQ improvement. Good news is that it reduces the need for fancy power cables for the individual components.

Sorry, I think I wasn’t clear in my first post and thanks @Excelgam for making me realize.

I was asking about the need to use fancy power cables for all the components vs using a Power Plant.

If I connect my components via OEM power cables to the Power Plant and use a fancy once from Power Plan to mains would that be comparable to 6 fancy component power cables to mains?

That would be 1 fancy cable vs 6 fancy cables which would go a long way to covering the cost of the Power Plant (not to mention I’d need some other way of making 6 components fit into 2 wall outlets).

There are no freebees here. Wherever you use a stock cord is where you will be compromising the sound quality of your system.

What are the specific components we are talking about plugging into the Power Plant? You can buy upgraded power cords without spending a “fortune.”

If I were you, I would get the power plant first and just use stock cords everywhere. Then when I could, start upgrading the cords one by one starting with the power regenerator.
Then you can hear the improvement yourself every time you upgrade a power cord.

The cords feeding the power plant and the components should be of good quality. I feed my power plants (P5 and P12) with AC5. I use a variety of other cables, many of them hand-made (Furutech wire and Furutech connectors). You can make a very nice Belden 83803 cable with Wattgates for around $75-100, depending on length (How to build link at bottom of post). I use those on some other stuff. You could try out using the stock power cords and if you like what you hear, use those. I like this Furutech wire (link below), and generally prefer using 12 gauge. Personally, I find 10 gauge power cable is very difficult to work with.



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Went the cheap route with an APC conditioner from the Bay, stock cable into a previous splurge of a PS Power Port Premier. Recently bought a magic Wireworld Electra for my Dac and it’s good. Don’t see replacing my conditioner and it’s cord like ever at this point, no money and need other stuff first.

Thanks @netspecht-2, those links are really helpful.

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Thanks @waymanchen11, that would be my game plan, Power Plant power cord first then each component at a time later when the budget works.

Any recommendations for the Power Plant power cord? One issue is that I will probably need 5m+ (over 16ft) so I can reach my dedicated circuit.

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I started with a Pangea AC 9SE. If you like a warm clear robust sound, this will do it.

That’s a well liked one, unfortunately I can’t find it longer than 4m :disappointed:

What did you upgrade to?

Contact Patrick at Cullen Cables as he will make to length needed.

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I upgrade to a Acoustic Zen Gargantua 11. Much clearer and revealing cable but not as warm.

A Power Plant would also cost you a bit extra for electricity, as it is not 100% efficient.
How much? Well, exactly as much as it costs in wasted heat that warms the unit while it heats up when it’s running. Probably, at a guess, on the order of a few light-bulbs.

Makes sense!