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What do you think of eating anything that had bloodflow?

Umm, delicious?

I can’t be sure if everything that has had bloodflow (crabs?) is somehow carcinogenic, but red meat obviously is. Maybe not crabs… but they’re so sympathetic.

It saddens me that more people haven’t realized this. How you feed your body is everything when it comes to health.

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Everything that is alive has a flow of vital fluid that in large part is made up of water and elements incorporated from their environment. This includes plants. I can think of no exceptions off the top of my head.

Sadly, our entire world is carcinogenic or poisonous to a greater or lesser degree.

Crabs live in polluted ocean water, or perhaps are bathed in the glowing goodness from places such as Fukushima. Same goes for any other organism pulled from the ocean, be it animal or vegetable. Because of ocean water circulation, there is no place without pollution, only ‘relatively cleaner’ spots.

You seem to be clear on the ‘blood flow’ barnyard animals, and I don’t dispute that. Especially if they are raised in large commercial operations — the majority of the world’s food sourcing.

Plants are the same. They have ‘blood flow’, though we don’t really call it that. But without the flow of water and soil nutrients, they would not survive more than a couple of days. With the widespread use of glyphosate, ‘quats, and other persistent toxins, along with airborne pollutants and chemicals, it takes an enormous effort to provide a cleaner environment for plants. Even the most fastidious gardener can only hope that their ‘organic’ garden is less poisonous than commercially available produce.

To say that red-meat organisms that have blood flow are carcinogenic is to ignore the fact that everything one ingests is far less than pristine.

We live in a polluted world, and unless one doesn’t eat or breathe, the organism will be affected.

And a number of things we ingest is a carcinogen even when pristine.

Like what? I’m curious.

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So true!
Not to freak out folks but here is some info…remember…EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!!!
Life is short so, occasional ingestion is fine, but don’t over do it.

Having worked in the natural foods end of the food industry for the better part of two decades, processed foods have a measurable detrimental effect on the human body. Our “modern” lifestyles don’t afford us all the luxury and time of eating whole foods, but doing so will give the body a fighting chance against those things that ail us later on in life. I’m no saint, to be sure, but I listen to what my body tells me. Apart from that, I do love good whisky and Tequila…so, again, everything in moderation.

One reason to be glad I’m not able to go to work or attend a university. I can tend to my lifestyle however I want in my own little bubble, and study things just at my own pace, so I learn everything I need to in thorough detail, without the common stresses associated with the whole process of learning. I can start my job at my own pace when I’ve learned enough to design a meaningful product, no titles required.
Oh, the joys of being mentally incapacitated but intelligent…

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Thanks, but actually it was RobH that asked the question.

We only only eat fresh food in this house, no packaged or fast food, and we both work full time. Almost no carbohydrates and no processed or fizzy drinks. We blend 2 litres of juice every morning, have done for years. No medicines here either. Took some antibiotics for a throat infection in March, but that was the only thing I remember any of us took in years.

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Ah …yes indeed good ole cloud juice… :grinning:

I have been feeling the positive effects, physically and mentally since I stopped eating anything that comes with a label of ingredients.

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Thankfully zero. The joy of ending my marriage, creating some distance, dropping 110 lbs. in a year, starting to sleep much better etc. I even quit the daily Omeprazol dose for acid reflux -fantastic.


:rofl: :rofl:

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antioxidants anyone?

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Blueberries by the pound