Your meds -

And omega3s, vitamin D3, multi vit, vit K, cinnamon, B12,
magnesium, vit C…Calcium + D3…

Happy times poppin’ these supplements

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I’m still waiting for Elk to elucidate which things are carcinogenic yet ‘pristine’. Those terms are mutually exclusive, in my mind.

All that stuff about processed food and mycotoxins does not suggest ‘pristine’.

Pristine might be RO water.

Fresh, organic raw milk, for example, is not pristine.

I did not expect anyone to be waiting for anything from me. This discussion has happily moved along without my input, as most threads do. I am unneeded.

A simple example are red meats, including raw, especially for the bowel through the natural chemicals formed in digestion.

Cooked, heterocyclic amines also form in cooked red meat and are a carcinogen. Similarly, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (formed when fat and juices from meat grilled directly over a heated surface cause flames or smoke) are carcinogens.

There are many other food products which are inherently, naturally carcinogenic. The degree to which various foods are responsible for cancers or otherwise cause disease has been studied for quite some time, reaching various conclusions. One of the most fascinating are the impacts of refined sugar.

But there are many things of greater concern such as benzene, a common component of gasoline, plastics, lubricants, detergents, etc. I have spent too much time under a safety hood playing with such chemicals that a hamburger likely poses little risk.

And then there is dihydrogen monoxide . . .

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i eat sensible food, as much fibre as i i can, and take appropriate supplements as required.

i also really enjoy smoking fags.

(my one trip to usa was when i discovered that “can i bum a fag” said casually to a co worker doesn’t always go down too well, i’m guessing in some places it would have been bad for my health too).

life is quite definitely a gamble from start to finish, but at least the ride is fun :slight_smile:


Elk… You pity partying ? Can scarcely believe you said this…

On a similar tack…getting out of bed…a hazard…driving your car
or motorcycle…another hazard…showering another hazard…
eating your meal…you could choke…another hazard…

Life was not meant to lived in a basement…

I believe better of you…you have great respect on this forum…

Best wished
Happy trails

No pity party, I am just observing I do not drive the discussions nor are my views any more important than those of anyone else. No drama. :slight_smile:

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I simply wanted to know what you considered ‘pristine’. Only you could answer that, since you are the one who said it. Nothing more than that.

I just can’t think of anything “pristine”, i.e., non-carcinogenic other than RO water.

No meats, no veggies, no air is entirely pristine. Just more or less polluted.

My point does not rely on finding anything pristine. The examples I provided are carcinogens inherent in the foods identified, whether they are additionally polluted or not.

There are many natural foods which are carcinogens. Others provided examples as well.

Yah, okay.

I prefer fresh blueberries but when they’re out of season my freezer is filled with organic frozen blueberries which I consume on a daily basis.


Excellent meds, local organic blueberries mixed in with Siggy’s yogurt each and every morning.
Next most excellent meds, organic raspberries mixed in with Siggy’s yogurt.

Only a matter of time before someone starts the “How was your bowel movement today?” thread.:roll_eyes:


Now that you mention it…

Oh great. Now I…“back in 5”

A bowl a day… “aligns” the way…

Wonderful stuff blue berries are!!

Better than the riffing about excising kidney stones, prostate issues, etc. that I accidentally started a year or two back.


Got somethin’ against anti-oxidants?

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It wasn’t specifically about eating fruit, though I can see how that would appear to…follow. More the thread topic generally.

Qunol Co Q 10…I think cranberie caps…

I picked up some unusual new meds in Vegas on Monday and tonight my system is more in focus than I can ever recall. Oh. My. Goodness!

This could work!