3.6.17 Bridge II update software live


Hi Paul, the DSD playback is most welcome. It works fine, the control points like Bubble or MControl indicate properly the format. But there is a big but. DSD does not play gapless! I just downloaded the new Swan Lake recording with Vladimir Jurowski (Pentatone) as a DSD 64 file. The Recording needs gapless, but the music always stops for a second or so. I had a similar problem some time ago with wav rips, but could solve the problems by deleting the embedded cover files in the tags. This did not work with DSD. Is there a bug in the firmware update of the Bridge? Is the buffer of the Bridge to small for DSD gapless? When I converted the DSD file into 96 khz 24 Bit flac, the music played gapless. What could be the solution? Any hints are most welcome.


This error seems to be fixed in the latest (2.4.8) update to mConnect Control HD. So it was not a Bridge II or vTuner problem after all. Internet radio is now streaming just fine!


Thank you for the hint. But it did not solve my problem. I use the latest update for MConnect player und MConnect control for IOS iphone, it did not work. I use MControl and Bubble for Andoid, it did not work. There does not seem any problems with DSD files as such, but with playing them gapless when the music require this. I have deleted the cover files from the tags, which improves stability a bit. But DSD still is not gapless.
What strikes me is this: I have an AV Receiver from Denon, which can also play music from my NAS. It plays DSD and gapless, either controlled directly by the receiver or by MConnect. It costs only 900 Euro working perfectly with DSD. The Directstream with Bridge is sixfold the price, and it fails with the same NAS and the same control point. Some food for thought to PS Audio.


I updated yesterday to Snowmass 2 and my bridge is saying up to date even though it’s version 1.2.1.
I rebooted several times.

I use mac - is there any way to update bridge 2?

Also at one time I put in an Ip. Should it be on dhcp? I think I see all 0 when it’s selected, if that makes sense.


Use the mControl app. Click on the gear icon on the upper left, then select device control and select the Bridge. You should be grated with a screen announcing new firmware available.


… and don’t forget to switch off your power amp first (see instructions on PS Audio website). I didn’t and got a big thump thro’ my speakers near the end of the update (DC offset made at some stage I guess). All seems OK AFAICT.