3.6.17 Bridge II update software live


OK. Not a bug but just a rather inconvenient change in function for those with preamps.

For those without preamps in their setup, I am extremely puzzled how you could be unaware that reducing digital volume raises the inherent analog noise floor on the output. Why buy a $5000+ DAC if you intend to cripple the performance that way?


Boot the DS, turn it up, leave it on. Good until you lose power or reboot. Then…turn it up, leave it on…


One cripples the performance more by turning the DSD off.


That solution is good except that certain capacitors might wear out more quickly. This can affect the lifespan or necessitate cap replacement to extend life.

I can’t say if the above is a material concern or not without knowing the standby internal temperature of the DSD Sr and the rated life and temperature rating for the caps used?

All I can say is that it feels quite warm to the touch on the outside but not excessively so.

I always switch off tubes and any device that runs hot when not in use - to maximize their lifespan.


OK. Sorry I don’t follow you. Are you saying there is something wrong with the design and it needs to remain powered up indefinitely?

I find that honestly very hard to believe. The DSD Sr is an excellent product.


Paul has discussed this many times with the DSD…it’s designed to stay on all the time. I have lots of tubes in my system and shut them all down but leave the DSD on all the time. I bought mine about 6 months after it came out and it’s rarely been off since I bought it. Seems perfectly fine so far.


Yes I think that is what I will do! It doesn’t seem to run that hot - so should be OK.


No. Rather, the DSD sounds much better kept warmed up.

That is, “I am extremely puzzled how you could be unaware” of this. :slight_smile:


I was putting my PSA DS DAC & BHK 250 in standby at the end of every evening (10:00PM) and putting them on at 5:00AM. I just went to ON all the time. Don’t see why not, unless on a road trip for reasons sighted. Was aware, in chats numerous times, just a habit I guess. I keep my REL subs ON all the time & PSA P20 ON all the time. Yeah, guess force of habit. Need a new habit. The BHK250 I will put in STBY, the rest I will keep ON. Since I live <100mi from nuclear power plant, electricity is cheap…


Same here. I only keep my DS on, powered by the P12 regenerator. Everything else, preamp, the two mono amps, the CD player, the turntable and its outboard phono preamp are off. Not just with their power switches, but by turning off outlets on the P12.

Oh and I keep the DS playing a random playlist on Roon. That way, I can check if album art shows up correctly on the LCD display. It does, mostly. :smiley:


The update finally worked today!


Not sure I understand you.

So in the time it takes for my tube preamp and my power amp to warm up, the DSD won’t warm up? Is that what you are trying to say?


The DSD sounds best if left on. It takes hours for it to fully warm up, some say days.

Tube amplifiers and preamps warm up relatively quickly. SS can take a good deal longer, especially preamps.


Great! I’m interested in hearing what you think of it.


It was exceptional! I can hardly wait for SnowMass!


glad to confirm the DS remote works now as expected (i have tried play/pause/skip forward so far) :slight_smile:


thx Steve


Hi Phillips, was curious as to where you keep your Roon Core/files (e.g. NAS?). Also, I suppose that I can assume the obvious (that you are not doing any processing of DSD files from the core, just with the DS DAC. To confirm the problem isn’t from the Roon side, you might consider creating a fresh configuration for your DS DAC within Roon (maybe a handshaking glitch?). Also, I assume you have speedy internet (I have gigabyte - more than plenty). To date I haven’t had any issues playing DSD files through Roon. Wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve gone through the paces already. Good luck!


Hi and thank you for your help and suggestions.
I tried what you suggested but it didn’t stop the ticks.

It’s ok, I just use USB and that works.

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Hi Paul

Any further news on when the updated Snowmass is coming out as per your post 12 days ago.