Airlens v2.7.0 and CDM 4.3.95 - Now Live!

Hey everyone!

We have now added the latest Airlens firmware to our OTA (over the air) server. To complete this update here are the steps:


If for some reason you cannot get your airlens to update Via the OTA server, please use this link to download the update directly. If your airlens has a blinking orange light for the status, you must update via USB.

Airlens Firmware v2.7.0

Thanks!! Let us know if you have any issues!

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Hi Aaron,

I connect my AirLens via ethernet rather than Wi-Fi, so OTA will not work for me. I can download 2.7.0 from the link you provided and install via USB. I could do 4.3.95 via mConnect, but you say that is not recommended. What should I do in my situation?

Or am I being too literal — could OTA possibly include ethernet-connected units? Even if that’s the case, in my system it is a huge nuisance to maneuver the AirLens so that I can see the lights on the bottom and hold it in that position while things update. Doing it via USB and mConnect is a lot easier. Advice?

Hi Magister,

OTA and over ethernet are the same thing. My Airles is using a wired ethernet connection, and the update, following the OTA instructions, worked flawlessly.

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One thing I did notice though…The converse Digital firmware did not get updated to 4.3.95 by following the OTA update instructions.

To get that updated I had to launch the mconnect software on my cell phone,

I then selected the gear icon on the screen and went to device setup, I then selected the Airlens.

Once I did that it told me that there was a firmware update.

I selected Yes to perform the update and waited until the progress bar completed, and the mconnect application finished telling me that the device was rebooting.

After that I powered off the airlens from the switch in the back, waited about 30 seconds and then powered it back on.

I hope you all find this helpful.


Thanks – so why do they call it over the air? I know, it’s weird to expect words to mean what they are supposed to mean.

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I think it is just a euphemism, sort of like the internet is “the cloud”. Clouds are in the air, the update comes from the internet. etc.

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Did you try the streamer OTA procedure in the manual in addition to the main firmware procedure or just the 2.7.0 procedure:

To do a streamer firmware update:

• Turn DIP Switch 7 to the DOWN (off) position.

• Press and hold the WPS button for 15 seconds.

Warning: Power should not be removed from the unit while updating the streamer

firmware. If power is removed, the unit may become non-functional, requiring it to

be returned to PS Audio to be fixed.

•Once complete, power cycle the unit from the back to ensure the new

streamer firmware is properly loaded.

•Turn DIP Switch 7 back to the UP (on) position.

Just curious.

I didn’t break out the manual.

Honestly, fiddling with the little dip-switches, pressing buttons for extended periods of times, doing the hokey pokey and turning myself around all while watching the little flashy lights seems to be such a 1970’s way to get things updated.

I find the mconnect user interface much more user friendly for the converse digital firmware updates. If only PSA could have done that with their firmware update process.


Thanks. I agree. I had done the mconnect approach with success on an earlier streamer update. This time I got bit. It will be worked out in the future.

I did the MConnect for v4.3.95 and the PSA USB for v2.7.0…took a few tries and a reboot but all is well…I prefer not to unhook and remove the Airlens to do the zip switches…

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A shortcoming (IMO) that has apparently been remedied…

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OTA is just over the network. so either Wifi or hardwired with an ethernet.

If your airlens fails OTA updates (which the one I tested did this) you have to use USB. The update addresses that.


…OTI (Over The Internet) would be more appropiate :wink:

Based on the manual and what Aaron said this is incorrect, it should be up. You put the switch in the Down/off position for a factory reset.

Edit: This is the correct procedure for the streamer, sorry for the mistake!

What are the benefits of/changes with 2.7.0?

Apologies if I did not see where this information was provided before…

Thanks in advance.

Just know… If your airlens was experiencing any of the orange light issues, or network connectivity issues. It may cause a factory reset to fail. In that case, you will have to update via USB. Once 2.7.0 is on, you should be good to go.


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Thanks for the extra-timely response.



Prior to this update I had that very problem!

Hi aaron,

Any idea when Qobuz Connect will be implemented in the software?

Thx, Remko