Are After Market Fuses An Improvement With Regenerators

I thought the beeswax fuses were not directional but that the SRs were directional. I’ve had both in my BHK pre and DSD.

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@tarheelneil I look very forward to your feedback on how the Bees Wax Ultimate fuses affect the SQ on your power plants. This is very likely to be my next upgrade.

I do have the SR Blue fuse in my amplifier. I’ve been very impressed with the improvements. My system is fairly analytical/detailed so my sound supplier recommended going with the Bees Wax Ultimate for the P20.

I tried the ultra exotic Bees’ Ear wax version for my P20. Very expensive because of how hard it is to obtain but worth it. :smiley:

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@RonP, is tis the one?

Audio Magic Ultimate Beeswax SHD Fuse


People seem to really like that one.

Thanks @RonP

Those are the ones I prefer. Expensive, but IMHO, a bargain.

I got my Bee Wax fuses installed, and immediately heard increased punchlines where appropriate, and more readily discernible deep bass. I even had one benefit that was totally unexpected, but startling good. My computer and monitor are plugged into the P3, and immediately after putting the Bee Wax into it, the picture on the monitor was noticeable better. Small text that had been a strain to read now was much clearer. Maybe Paul can shed light on why, as I am totally perplexed by this, albeit happily perplexed.

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Thanks for the feedback @tarheelneil, great that you are noticing positive benefits right off the bat! Please continue to keep us posted as the fuse continues to burn in.

I am getting stunning results with HiFi-Tuning Supreme-3 fuses on my PSA P12. I like the Gold more for its warmth than the Silver that’s brighter.


I have a few SR Blues in my setup. I use the HiFi Tuning Supreme’s everywhere else. I just put 12 of them into my BHK 300’s.

So on the P15 there appears to be 2 fuses. 1 5A SB and what looks like a 15A push button fuse. Can the push button fuse be replaced and can someone confirm its value?


All I see is the 5A fuse and the reset button.

Thanks Jack!!!

P15. Nice improvement. Everything the ultimate beeswax touches sounds better. Don’t know about the new SR, but I found the Blue with great PRAT and no warmth. Not pleasant to my ears, so they went on the market.

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Thanks @highstream that’s the exact feedback I was looking for. My system could do with a bit of warmth so beeswax may be the way to go. I will wait first for some feedback about the SR Orange.

Audio Magic has just released a new fuse, I suspect to compete with the new SR Orange. It’s called the Ultimate Premier Beeswax SHD. Name’s a bit convoluted, hopefully the sound is not. Still to early to see any reviews, or any write ups for that matter.