Are you ever satisfied?

Right now, I’m experiencing one of those magical times when my system couldn’t be even this much better (I’m holding my thumb and forefinger barely apart).
New cables, switches, fuses, zillion dollar speakers, etc,etc, do you ever feel satisfied?


It’s an obsession as is record collecting. A fleeting moment of contentment is all one can hope for.


Exactly, Rick. No judgement, just wondering—because I’m having one of those rare moments with my hifi when I feel sorry for anybody who ain’t me.


Yes indeed, I’ve been there as well. Currently at a crossroads in terms of amplification. Hopefully patience will pay off.


Seek out Infigo when Axpona comes around.

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Great question, Ron!

I sometimes feel what you are describing, oh a marvelous state of mind and so pleasant, a sort of rewarding and contemplative moment at the same time!

In that state of grace you understand that fullness lives in the present, it is not interested in the future. Only music exists, no longer as an end (of the audiophile) but as a means to achieve a form of total well-being!

If only I could stay away from this forum for a while!


Tell me more. I searched on line and found a less than stellar Stereophile review. JA’s testing resulting in identifiying 4 amplifiers not meeting specification. The Infigo website doesn’t list dealers, but I’dd like to think there is one in the Chicago area. I will check them out at Axpona, and hope they offer an integrated, as that is my downsizing focus at the moment.

The Method 3 is beyond my reach in terms of price.

If you read further, there were 4 first run samples that had one board installed instead of 2, (am assuming to cut down on cost), which created the measurement discrepancies with xlr. They sounded fantastic at Axpona 2022, and are definitely worth looking into. The Method 3 monoblocks are also beyond my means. The stereo amp, the Method 6, could be tempting, if pricing was friendlier. Michael Levy of Alta Audio happened to walk in the room in 2021 while I was listening (the Method 3 was teamed with the Alta Audio Adam speakers). The sound quality in that room was impressive. The stereo amp, the Method 6, sounded nice at Axpona 2023.

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I did read it through, and as a relatively new to the market product I am a bit leery, specifically from JA’s comments:

It appears that all four samples of Infigo’s Method 3 amplifier had a manufacturing defect that disabled class-A operation. Hans Looman let me know in an email that he was able to reproduce my findings: “I am scrutinizing the bias circuit to find and fix what’s causing it, most likely an optimization I have made that caused unforeseen side effects,” he wrote, adding “I am still researching and measuring the possible cause, which is potentially linked to the difference in power measured as well.” He will be sending Stereophile samples that have had the problems addressed in production. We will report on their performance in a subsequent issue.

Hans Looman’s Manufacturer’s comment admitting a design deficiency identified by Stereophile’s Bench test:

Manufacturer’s Comment

Thanks to Jason and all at Stereophile for such a great review of our amplifier.

All Infigo Audio models are designed to create the ultimate musical experience. Of course, measurements are important, and we thank John Atkinson for uncovering some things that will lead to demonstrable improvements.

Scrutinizing the bias circuit to find and fix what caused those issues revealed a small undershoot of idle bias current right after the zero crossing of the signal. This undershoot deepens with increasing frequency and with total signal-current drawn. This leads to a new phenomenon, which I dub “cross-after” distortion because it happens a defined time after the signal’s zero crossing.

The minute amount of negative feedback used caused this anomaly to show up in measurements at higher frequencies and power. Adding large amounts of negative feedback would suppress this to the low levels commonly present in amplifier designs. However, doing so would kill the amplifier’s musicality.

Typically, this anomaly plays an inaudible role, which is why it wasn’t noted in previous listening sessions, especially at audio shows.

The deepening of this cross-after current drop with increasing signal current limits the output power at higher currents, which partly explains the discrepancies in measured power between 8 ohm and 4 ohm loads. Thanks to John’s input, we are incorporating a redesign of the topology of the bias circuit that is free of this anomaly and will fix the measurement discrepancies. Starting immediately, every Method 3 will feature the new topology.—Hans Looman, CEO and Chief Designer, Infigo Audio

So for me, at $55,000 I expect better. I shall check them out at Axpona, Room 476 with Alta Audio. From his response it seems Hans is focused on improving the design. A quick listen should be fun.


When I started messing with Audio again after complacency fled I was using an Akai integrated amp, freshly serviced and a pair of ADS L710 speakers. A fine turntable was my only source until I got the matching Akai FM tuner. I was in Heaven. Three different amplifiers, three different preamps, too many DACs to remember, a new turntable, countless streamers and software. Too many blanking tweaks to count. Oh, and three different pairs of speakers. I don’t even want to think about cables. The P20 got into my system early and handily beats all challengers.

Currently, I run all sources through a Mac Mini. What the??!!

I couldn’t be happier.


My amplifier change last year and the release of Massive Final have both contributed to a level of satisfaction that I think will be long lasting. That’s my hope. I’ve never been happier with sound at home, just spinning disc after disc.


I’m totally at peace with my system now; they sounded so nice! This was exactly how I felt at this time last year.


Even the pros get dissatisfied

Check out the ‘post clip’ at 27:59 with a reference to you-know-who.


When I had the 300-gallon reef aquarium at home some 20 years ago, I had to keep the AC conditioner (under the cabinet) for the tank on all the time to keep the temp. under 80F in hot CA summer. It produced so much heat in the house that I had to crank the AC for the house on more too. Nowadays my electrical bill will probably be over $1k/month for keeping that crazy hobby.

Somehow the Gryphon Apex/Commander brought back that memory. :laughing:


I go back and forth between delight and dissatisfaction about every other day. I don’t know if it’s imaginary or do to some outside factor. Bothers me though.

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after 3 donuts, I’m satisfied


As far as the OP’s question goes. After 6 years of buying high and selling low I have found my happy place. For now. :thinking:

Thanks mostly to this bunch of coconuts.


With the recent addition of a Muon pro, I am pretty happy and content with my 2 channel system. For the first time in many years, I’m not looking to make any changes.


I would be in a sugar coma


Well, I almost made it a week without making any changes. Just bought a Shunyata Research Omega ethernet cable from a chap on Canuck Audiomart. Sigh.