Artists you would like to see work with Octave Records?

I was reading @Paul update about Octave Records when I noticed a post made by @kerosene.

It got me thinking, what artists would you like to see Octave Records work with? Or what genres/types of music would you like to see them collaborate on?

Personally I’d love to see some percussion work come out of Octave Records. Artists in particular I would like to see them work with would be Nicola Cruz or Dengue Dengue Dengue. I’ll link to there most recent material below.

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Bria Skonberg

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Bill Anschell

Based on this release, he obviously cares about how music is recorded and SQ.

Existing recording contracts could pose issues/roadblocks for a lot of artists, however.

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I hope it won’t be blue grass only.
I vote for some ECM like trio jazz.

great thread…

The Punch Brothers is my wish for Octave. The boys are so friggin good. Their skill, innovation and creativity deserve the same in a recording studio. Go Punch!



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All of his releases are worth a listen. Each is very different from the last. “Figments” is solo piano outing with quirky deconstructed twists on pop tunes.


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Oooh! Love them. On my list is Blind Pilot, a remaster of Wendy Carlos Switched on Bach, Don Grusin, Otis Taylor, Victor Wooten.

Blind Pilot is my favorite band! Do it!!

A Bear Creek Studio recording for you…

They are a phenomenal live band as well.


What would you do? It has already been remastered, plus separately re-released by Carlos using digital synthesizers as 25 year anniversary version.

Lafayette Gilchrist, Cassandra Wilson.

Haha yes, please a Cassandra Wilson release!!

Good example of a more than acceptable female singer even when singing standards :wink:

Antonio Forcione, Trilok Gurtu

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Preferably together :grinning:

It certainly won’t be only one thing or another when it comes to types of music. We plan to cover as many areas as we can.


That’s good for sure…I just think there are several styles that will just mainly sell in the US (mainly everything going in the country/folk direction but also a certain focus in a Pop/Rock). I just have hopes it will be a more global approach :wink:

The fact that it often is not, prevents me from buying a huge load more of reissues done by Analogue Productions and others. I’d be bankrupt if those US reissue labels would aim for a more international taste :wink:

When klicking on the video of the guy I posted above, there’s also some hope that unknown artists can be fantastic.

He didn’t have a contract for long time and his playing is better and more interesting than 90% of what’s out there…