Artists you would like to see work with Octave Records?

I’d say exceptional myself rather than “more than acceptable.”

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Branford Marsalis
Cat Power
Christian Scott
Emerson String Quartet
King Crimson
Neko Case

and… Ryan Adams but his current predicament is potentially a career ender so probably not.

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A-MA-ZING…! (Damnit…! YES…!!! This is a complete sentence)

Glad you enjoyed them! Their main thing is acoustic folky stuff, check out this performance from New Orleans.


It makes me proud that I belong to (so far the only) the species in the universe that has brought about this kind of art and culture. Like many more bands, these people have the ability to combine words, notes and chords, visuals and what not to a mix that directly enters ones soul to do its meditative work. It’s a mouthfull but I meant every word…

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Definitely agree!

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If you would like, PM me, and I can send you the link to the entire Liveset performance in New Orleans, including a cover of Joanna Newsom’s “Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie” and a Isreal Nebeker’s (the lead singer) solo performance of another one of my favorites from them, Oviedo.

On a separate note, a performance of “Just One”. This song was mentioned by Megan Phelps, daughter of the infamous Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church, as an impetus for her leaving that hateful organziation, and effectively leaving her family! Interesting read:

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Just in case you missed it.



Rock’n’Roll blues sisters from Georgia. They have amazing talent and are very productive. Their music would highly benefit from excellent recording, mixing and mastering provided by Octave.


Any word on Blind Pilot recordings?

Just a pipe dream at this point.

I contacted Blind Pilot about some other recordings, and I mentioned that you were interested in recording them, so hopefully I pushed them your way. :slight_smile:

It’s not my usual jazz thing, but Kronos Quartet are overdue for an audiophile recording. Their debut was on Reference Recordings with Professor Johnson. I still find it their best sounding release.

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Definitely go on Blind Pilot and Larkin Poe from above.
Molly Tuttle and James McMurtry would be nice to have added to list for audiophile recordings…

@tensor9 - very good band, thanks for sharing

There’s a truly stunning young artist from your neck of the woods (though she now lives in Brooklyn) named Courtney Hartmann. I wrote about her in Copper a few years back. She definitely needs a high quality recording.

Holy Cow, This guy would lend himself very well to an intimate and well defined recording session!

Indeed…unfortunately most artists of small audiophile labels are way more boring :wink:

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Gonna go ahead and propose Hugo Fattoruso, the fantastic multi-instrumentist from Uruguay.

Grace Potter, but only if she gets the Nocturnals back together, or at least gets back to that style. Her latest cd was a major disappointment. Sounded like Madonna, Brittany Spears, Gwen Stephani, etc. Grace’s work with the Nocturnals sounded like a young Janis Joplin. Good quality recordings too.