As if there wasn't Enough Going On

yeah, this is horrible. We have friends and family north of San Francisco near Napa, and this summer been a nightmare.

Stay safe!

Thinking of of you our PS Audio family…Keep yourselves safe First!!!
Then your facilities…

While perhaps not practical…maybe worth it to have high capacity
spray/sprinkling systems that can put out high volumes of water
that can protect the surrounds and the buildings proper…triggered
either by proximity of flames, or remotely triggered on demand. Able
to douse whatever cinders or flames that would come on the facilities.

God Bless and Keep you Paul and team :pray:

As of Monday evening, things are looking so much better here in Estes Park. There is still the smell of smoke in the air, but it isn’t nearly as bad as it was even as recently as this morning. The smoke plume is nothing like it was Saturday. I talked to several people around town and there seems to be a sense of relief today. Now if they can get those other fires near Boulder under control,…


That’s really good news, hopefully it continues long enough to stamp out the main blaze and the firefighters can get it under control. Scary times for you all, I bet!

They’re going at it pretty hard - constant Sikorsky chopper traffic back and forth. It hasn’t advanced much since yesterday, thankfully.


Well, that’s great news!



OMG, I LOVE Boulder. So sad to see. My only memory from working there since 1994, going there twice a month is the glorious, pristine landscape.

Estes Park:

Smoke plume from the Cameron Peak fire as seen from Fort Collins. The orange dot is the sun . . .



I saw the wreckage that that the fires here in Arizona left behind. I work all over the State and driving through the devastation not to mention road closures is not a pleasant scene.

Please stay safe :pray:t5:

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So how are things in Boulder now?

Best wishes
Happy trails…

The United States is a great disaster…
Take care of each other…

Still fairly cool and calm. The Calwood fire grew a few hundred acres since Saturday vs. the sudden 9k in the 24 hours prior to that. So - good at the moment. That can change, as we’ve seen this year. It is unusual for fires to be popping up this late in the year. Make of that what you will.

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Thanks for the encouraging words, Denmark Guy!

Reminds me of the old song,

“…where never is heard
A discouraging word
And the Skies are not cloudy all day”

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Best of luck to you. It’s ironic that some of the most habitable and beautiful places can be at once most disagreeable and even life threatening. Hang in there.

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We want to thank everybody for their good wishes. Although things are looking a bit better, that could change with the wind.


Stay safe Colorado.

Also, would like to note that the country of India is having serve problems with fires.

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And Australia earlier this year.

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