Audio Magic Masterpiece M-1 Fuses

What is the ice cream sandwich looking thing? Materials?

I’d also fitch the springy thing of a bob?

Info. on springy thing:

Yeah that is pretty stiff. It will never match the sorbothane footers on powerbase across frequencies. So get weight aligned cable to sorbothane same damping as equipment I think it might surprise you on sound firld depth you eliminate aiRC prong vibration difference. It carries into the circuit boards and foen the power cable.

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Okay it is getting earl ybut this one is for the the fuse and power doubters.

System test time.

Just how much can you hear in this album and song?

This one woke me from dream land.

The snares stirring the gravy at 0.12 watts. The snares drowning out Miles back in the distance. Castanets drilling into your brain. A soundfield 200 feet deep. The M-1 and sorbothane on the power cord is king.


Ten minutes ago I stuck a perfectly sized chunk of foam rubber (gray) under my power cord powering the P20. I’ll fire that recording up soon. I expect an elevation change.

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Well i am not guaranteeing foam rubber versus matching sorbothane p20 and power cord. If too soft it can resonate. What footers under your P-20?

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It’s in an Artesania Rack, I use the Birch pads under the P20 that turns into points in a suspended frame. The foam is very firm, I’ll order sorbothane.

I have a DSD64 copy of that particular issue living on my NAS. It starts in three minutes.

Holy shirt! It starts nice!

Update! Wow! Elevated proper! Thank you! On to Will O’ The Wisp. Shhhhhhh!

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Tell me more lol

With and without your foam under power cord tweak.

Those pads look like maybe sorbothane?

They ship with a couple of types of pads. But the top of the line is the extra cost birch. The pad sits in a cup, at the bottom of the cup is an inverted hardened internal cone. The cone rides on a spike that comes up from the bracket below. The bracket is suspended on rods which are attached to a frame on the top that is sitting on four delrin cylinders with hardened cones. Spikes from the frame sit in the cones. It’s so very.

I can put anything I want in the cup. I have always been happy with the birch.

The foam. (and bunny fur) The foam is very firm. It rides on the frame that supports the four Delrin cylinders. So technically it is wrong. But the foam was sitting on the floor by the power cord so I thought what the heck. You got me to buy fuses. Be happy.

I just noticed that I am using a Stealth V16 Dream. I need to correct this soon. Vince, you done with that cable? :upside_down_face:

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I have never had any points. I got enamored with sorbothane after the Isoacoustic Gaia Titans. I wuickly put sorbothane inder all my racked or floor sitting equipment. Did you compare the Mile’s song with and without aP20 power cord support ? Curious if foam helped. It looks to open celled to work well and not enough preload up to absorb as well as sorbothane.

That’s good but mine came in 3 business days…beat ya :grin:

Best wishes

Corks, foams, sorbothane feet all work? How about styrofoam? I have a ton of those (it’s not serious, corks look prettier). I know corks work in my system, and I wonder if sorbothane will be better? I need to find some tall ones to order.

He dchang…me thinks styrofoam would be resonant, squeaky not
able to absorb vibrations as well as corks, sorbothane…if at all

Best wishes

I knew that! @vmax, do you use 70 duro sorbothane? I ordered 16 soborthane rings .4” tall from Amazon and they will replace my corks. I hope I can hear the difference.

Yes 70 is what I use.

I have used close cell foam before under streaming lighter gear but replaced with sorbothane sheets

Yes, I boxed it up on Wednesday. I was planning on going to UPS on Saturday. Great timing!

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