Audio Magic Masterpiece M-1 Fuses

I’m trying to set up a Topic for just the Audio Magic M-1 fuses. They are posted all over several topics and on top of the original posters topic/subject which buries the original posters search for comments and ideas. Anyway I hope the admins will leave this up so this can move to its own topic, if so I’ll copy all my posts to here. My question is it appears many are buying fuses for Power Plants and moving the amperage of the fuse upm from the original 5A to 6.3A. I’ve added a 6.3A M-1to my P12. I want to put an M-1 in my BHK preamp which is at 120V rated at 1.6A. Are you moving up to a 2A slow blow in the BHK preamp from the original 1.6A? Thanks!

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I think the Purple topic is so engaged with M-1, it’s going to be hard to move all that energy over here.

I agree but It seems most unfair to have stretched and strangled and driven this original poster’s topic (I know it happens all the time on lots of topics here on multiple insane tangents) to another county in a province of a commonwealth city in a far away hemisphere on a different planet. I have never tried a purple or posted regarding one, but I like what I’ve read about the product!


I never pay any attention to fuse topics.

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This is more likely to obfus(e)cate people than enlighten them.


Power cables have always been controversial. Do they add something? Answer NO, but they do act as filters, so make perfect sense in removing unwanted hash which lets the sound breath. I have alway heard the differences in the sound of my system when I’ve changed a power cable ( currently 3 PS Audio Perfectwave, 2 AC3’s and 1 AC5.) BUT FUSES, HELL NO………

This thread dif-fuses lots of informations I really cannot understand

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It may serve as a fuse for explosive discussion!


I really do think these are keepers.

Oh, and they don’t come with fancy fuses, just standard 13amp Bussman ones. In the UK for good or bad we have fuses in all our mains plugs but I re-fuse to say anything further on this matter.

Okay, this is the first actual comment in this thread regarding M-1 fuse evaluation; I like it.

My P15 has a 5A rating and I ordered a 6.3 rated M-1, and my PST has a 1.6A rating and I ordered a 1.6A rated M-1. Both are working, and I plan to order one more 2A rated M-1 for BHK Pre which needs a 2A rating fuse.

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Ex-fuse you!!!

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Best wishes y’all

Well power cords they are also inductors, resistors, and capacitors, and antennas. [quote=“Clive197, post:8, topic:29399”]
Do they add something?
[/quote] As for adding something yes
clearly RLC that can be measured and noise which can be audible at certain frequencies. Is it all just filtering or lack of filtering. I would argue likely not. They can be used to drain of RF noise versus that is filtering, or provide better power transmission with conductivity improvements over stock cords that can incease impedance.


The same thing can be said for fuses. Depending on what the wire is made of and the insulating material around this wire and the magnetic piece I found inside the Beeswax fuse, can also affect (inductors, capacitors, and antennas.). If your system and ears are sensitive enough, you can really hear the changes in these elements.

I just ordered an Audio Magic M-1 Masterpiece for my BHK pre. 2A Slow Blow Short Size. In the manual PDF I have it shows in the back pic a 120V. T250V-1.6A, but on the back of my pre and the fuse that’s in there is a 120V. T250-2A, so if you order a fuse for a BHK preamp double check! I’ll write my impressions once I install it and hear it. So far I’ve changed the fuse in my P12 and now will do the BHK pre. After that I think I’ll replace the 12au7 pre tubes in my BHK which are currently Brimar with CryoTone 12au7. I’ve had really great audible results with the CryoTone power and pre tubes!

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Hey kclarity…

Saw you had installed an M1 in your P12…when I first got
into the fuse upgradeitis…It was my then P5 that got a HiFi
Tuning Supreme3…making a great difference to my whole system
from there on to P12 with same fuse same results…then along
came my P15 which has seen the SR Blue, Orange, Purple and
finally now the M1 fuse…each of the previous fuses brought
increases in sq…the M1 so far tops them all…

While I don’t recall reading it you didn’t say how by installing the M1 first in your P12 affected your system’s sq…probably a very nice

Could please share a little on that? Thanks

Best wishes

Yes the M-1 fuse in my P12 worked very well and simply put the enhanced details, clarity and soundstage were worth the cost to me. I always say…hearing things I’ve never heard before and hearing thing as I’ve never heard them before. This why I’m now going to test an Audio Magic Masterpiece M-1 in my BHK preamp next. Of course I’ll post here what I think of those preamp fuse changes!


One of my criteria for judging the value of an upgrade is can I hear the improvement a week or a month from now? I’m surprised to say yes with this ridiculously expensive fuse. A fuse?