Audiohippo's System

Current System

Wilson Audio Sasha Series-2
Audio Research Reference 5se + 75se
PS Audio Directstream DAC + Transport + Powerplant P10
Wireworld Silver SC + Gold IC + Platinum HDMI
JL Audio Fathom F110

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Sweet! Photo #2 looks like a pro photo with the depth of field difference. The rack takes a distinct second place to the kit and really highlights it.

Looks like a killer system! I love the Sasha’s!

Nice! If you want to write a bit of a story about your system, we’re gathering candidates to show off their systems in our new upcoming magazine. Email me directly if you want to contribute.

Sure! I will take some updated pictures too!


Looks pretty darn sweet! I love the Sashas!

Very nice system! Thanks for sharing.

Friday night! Planning for some more changes.

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Vicoustic’s room design

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Killer comfy lookin’!

Just a point on those speakers…a quick look back through this topic and I’m guessing you’ve had them for 1+ year?

It looks like you still have the protective plastic film on them. Whilst I can’t read what’s written on the yellow sticker, I’ve got a strong hunch that it’s a warning to remove the protective film, which is going to be increasingly difficult to remove the longer that plastic film remains in place. Just saying.

Continue forward on your journey, you’re making some nice progress there.