Audioquest HDMI Forest

Hello everybody,
Is it possible that the Audioquest Forest HDMI cable is incompatible with the I2S input of the PS Audio DS senior? I tried it today and it doesn’t work. While between DVD and TV it works perfectly.

What is the source you are connecting to the DSD?

CD Nuprime CDT 8 pro. I had connected it to the DS with an anonymous cable. When I tried audioquest, it didn’t work.

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AQ works provided both sides are the same standard. This caught my eye on NuPrime site:
*Note that the I2S output is for connecting with other NuPrime products and may not work with other devices.

The CDT 8 Pro uses the PS Audio standard and it does work as I have owned one for two years.

Excellent @dawkinsj . Edit: glad Francesco sorted it out.

Sorry if I answer now, I live in Italy and there is a time zone. I am now using an unbranded generic hdmi cable. I tried Audioquest Forest, but it doesn’t work. The Forest works with other DACs, but with my DS and Nuprime, it doesn’t work. Mystery. You suggest me an HDMI cable between Nuprime CDT 8 pro and DS Senior, thank you.

I changed the cable to another AQ Forest and now it works. There is probably something broken in the cable but it does not affect the TV and DVD. Thank you all for your closeness.


This is good news :+1:t2:

Very good to hear. Thank you for letting us know.